Tech 3 Tactical Battlecruiser - The Patrol Battlecruiser

I was looking at the new Tayra model the other day (which I love) and had a thought. How cool would it be if those side plates came down to revels hidden guns. Then I thought, well we have tech 3 destroyers now that have different combat configurations, why not create a battlecruiser that will allow those of us interested in PvP, but who are against high sec piracy, to bait in gankers and engage them. It’s time high sec gankers had a little risk to their occupation, rather than hiding behind concord’s protection while they prey on targets that can’t fight back. I propose:

The Tech 3 Tactical Battlecruiser, the Patrol Battlecruiser.

The Tech 3 Tactical Battlecruiser is designed to allow those capusleers who wish to help the empires patrol their space and rid it of piracy. Building on the technology presented by the recent destroyer inovations these new battlecruisers make use of their various configuration possibilities to provoke pirates into exposing themselves and meet them with the justice they deserve, a powerful volley of weaponry.

The patrol battlecruiser, much like the tactical destroyers has 3 configurations. The first two configurations, sharpshooter and defense, it shares with its predecessors. However, instead of a third propulsion mode, the Patrol Battlecruiser is able to retract its weaponry and defensive modules inside of its hull where it is shielded from scanners and are thus undetectable. Whilst in this configuration the patrol cruiser is designed to look identical to the relevant empire hauler (in this case the tayra) and to mimic the industrial ship’s movement characteristics, and whilst it’s weaponry may be useless, it continues to benefit from its defensive modules and gains the same defensive bonuses as if it were in defence mode. Furthermore, the vessels are equipped with inbuilt specially designed electronic warfare modules which, whilst in this mode, fool the sensors of other ships into creating false readings about the ship and will appear as an industrial ship (in this case the tayra) on overviews and scans. If a potential agressor attempts to scan the ship’s fitting, these electronic warfare modules give off falsified readings to imitate a predetermined industrial ship configuration which can be reconfigured in port (use the service slot area to have a slot that allows you to drag a relevant [tayra in this case] stored ship fit into the box).

To futher aid the Patrol Cruiser into luring out potential pirates it contains a special cargo area filled with beacons designed to be configured to imitate other items. Dragging items into this cargo bay will not move the items into the cargo bay, but will configure the cargobay’s beacon to create ghosts of the items which will show up on any cargo scan whilst in it’s third mode.

Whilst a patrol cruiser is capable of laying down considerable firepower in sharpshooter mode, its main strength comes from it’s defense mode, which provides bonuses to its defenses and to warp scarmblers and webs, allowing the ship to lock down the pirate agressors and survive long enough for carefully positioned reinforcements to arrive.

no, no, no

For as much as q ships get proposed it’s worth pointing out that even in real life they didn’t stand a chance against a warship. They were for baiting submarines into using their lowest cost weapons, their deckguns instead of one of its very few torpedo. EvE doesn’t have a situation that brings about that kind of thinking but it already has bait haulers.

I understand what you’re saying but I think it’s a bit of a different situation. Here we’re talking about a system where known criminals are being protected by inta-kill npcs. It’s not like a real life war where armed vessels can sweep for and engage the enemy at will. There’s currently no way to legally hunt pirates in high sec unless you get them to attack first, and this is the concept I’m trying to suggest. As for not surviving a war ship, a BC wouldn’t survive a gank either. Please note that I did suggest that it is simply there to bait and tank long enough for a response fleet close by to join the enagagement. I’m simply trying to suggest a fair way to bring some balance to a system that most people acknowledge is, squeued. It’s a system where criminals don’t risk anything (don’t say they lose a ship, they account for that when they assess their target’s worth) and where the system designed to punish criminality is protecting and aiding them. I’ve always confined my PvP to militia warfare but have always wanted to be able to hunt criminals, personally I’ve always felt that high sec criminal attacks should result in an instant -10 sec rating, but we all know that will never happen. Right now the analogy would be to say they get a 100mil fine on a criminal act where they make billions. Carebear piracy needs a legitimate counter.

No, -1, no realistic purpose, just ship creep.

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