My Caldari T3 battlecruiser/battleship concept (sketch & 3D model)

Hi there!
I’m not too experienced Ukrainian EVE player, and even not sure if I chose the correct forum section for that. Moderator/Admin, please move the post to the section where it should be, if I selected wrong one.
My Caldari battlecruiser or battleship t3 concept (WIP).
Ideas, that I had in my head when created the design:

  1. Lower amount, than other BC has, turret/launcher points with huge innate bonus to DMG (like faction ships or marauders).
  2. Fast. Very fast. Not too maneuverable, but very fast. So, huge engines.
  3. Tankier than combat battlecruisers, tankier than t3 cruisers. So some thick/flat armor shapes.
  4. Good sensors and reduction in probe launcher CPU cost. So a lot of foldable telescopic antennas.
  5. Atmospheric landing (yes, I know that there is no landing in EVE, but… Maybe in future?). So vertical engines.
  6. I wanted to make it more high-tech looking, like Mordu ships, so it is not typical-caldari-brick-rectangle-design.
    So it is something like raider, alternative to marauders - high mobility instead of “bastion-turret-mode”.
    Or Superiority battlecruiser - ship designed to take advantage on the battlefield.

Also, some important points:
I am a newbie in modeling. :frowning:
Yes, it is Google SketchUp. :smiley:

Screenshots (Google Drive folder link)

Pencil sketch and few current state screenshots:
Ship screenshots. - Google Drive

Will appreciate any reasonable criticism and help.

UPD: about catamaran design - I tried to do something looks like child of Naga and Drake.
If it is not Caldari enough, then it can be pirate, something that requires Minmatar and Caldari skills - as far as I know there are no such hybrids in game now.
UPD 2: If pirate, then something like alternative Nestor variant - shield tank, missiles, remote shield boosters, exploration bonuses, etc.

UPD 3: link to browser 3d viewer.

UPD 4: Awesomely cool gif-ification by@Corrin_Mor, but it’s too big to upload here, so I’m posting link to Twitter:


Can’t wait to see it textured!

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BRO THIS LOOKS SO COOL! but where are the launcher hard points? also shouldn’t we add T3 battlecruisers for all factions?

also just a side note, so far both jackdaw and tengu are like thin and long ships that doesn’t look like a catamaran. your design is like a large algos. anyways it still looks very cool I like it.

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Appreciate hard work but for me it just looks lie oversized Algos with facelift.

Anyway, posting this on reddit probably would result in more traction.

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Thanks. Launcher points are here:

About the catamaran - added explanation in the initial post.

I also have pencil sketch for Minmatar counterpart.
And I can draw the ideas for Amarr, but not for Gallente (or at least I think so).

@Small_Kitty_Paws thank you too, gonna try post this on reddit.
About comparison with Algos - gallente destroyer has primary huge main hull and small side hulls.
This is more like Naga - huge side hulls with small central hull, but as it is missile designed - I decided, that it should has drake-like angles.

Great job! :+1:

When the situation allows and things settle down for you, can you do some Amarr ships? :slightly_smiling_face:

Be safe and take good care of yourself!

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Amazing art concept! Love it!

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I cannot promise the 3d model of Amarr ship, but definitely I can do some sketches. :slight_smile:

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I can’t wait to see what sketches of Amarr ships you come with. :slightly_smiling_face:

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okay, makes sense.

my ideas for amarr is just a gold plated blob of metal.

but naga have the hulls very close together. drake is like a rectangle slightly folded.

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Yup, because it shouldn’t be literally Naga/drake.
Naga - source of tri-hull idea.
Drake - side angles and bridge.
Jackdaw - dat strange antennas.
All other is from my head and from “how the spaceship should look for this or other purpose”.

Air intakes on front - just because I like how it looks, also seen on some ships.
Insanely huge engine exhaust - I imagined, that the ship used engines from a higher-level ship. (innate reduction to AB requirements, hehe).
Like this.

it looks almost… Zentradi in design.

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Ok, now I know that Zentradi exists.
It seems, that it’s time to watch Macross. :smiley:

Uploaded the latest screenshot to the Google Drive.
Also have some “branch” ideas, can share them too.
Colouring on the model is just schematic:
red squares should be high-slot hardpoints
shades of grey - just to understand different armor/element colours.

Also, I can upload the 3d model to some online 3d viewer, but I need one that prevents from downloading.

Different quality updates and some rework of the model.
Removed vertical fins, added ring instead. Looks much better now.

Quality updates, some details reworked. Updated to the sketchfab.

Small kitty paws , where in Reddit ? Really want to post my idea for tech 2 industrial barges, I know they have some now but need more. And Victoria Raven can I get you to draw up a T2 epithal for me and the community, I can help you with something for doing that for me !

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lovely design

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Excellent concept. Stay safe.

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