Next Summit Brainstorming - New Ships

As the CSM begins prepping for the next summit in February, I’m going to open a few new threads to get some feedback.

First up is new ships. What types of new ships do you want added to the game, and why?

To keep this easier, please include in your submission the type of ship (battleship, cruiser, HAC, dread, etc.), the role it is designed to play and why you think it’s needed.

Looking forward to seeing some creative ideas. And, before you ask, Angel Titans is already on my list. :slight_smile:

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New Triglavian ships like ewar that reduces enemy resist and spools up until a maximum de buff % , triglavian mining gear either mining laser or ship with spoolup, a rework of the damaviks it’s still crap and vedmak needs some love also that’s kind of all I’d wish for as of this time


ordnance apmlification ship

While im fine with new ships and before i give any fun ideas. Could we please update existing ones to be more useful, like Navy Battleships and some of the navy cruisers?

There is an EASY 8-12 ships to rebalance and inject some fresh fits into a languishing battleship meta. Combined with things like the navy caracal being garbage and stabber fleet not far behind. Id be much more vocal about updating those ships, than adding new.

However, that being said. For the creative experiment of your post, here is my idea:

T3 or T2 Attack Battlecruiser:
Fits battleship sized weapons
Medium to below average EHP (70-80k EHP max)
Specialized at killing caps, weaker to subcaps. Would not have range bonuses.

If capitals are going to continue being FOTY. There need to be more subcap options to counter them. Trig meta/100mn only meta is boring.

The intention is not to make these so powerful that they insta-pop caps, but that they are very strong against unsupported capitals, but die to subcaps easily. So they have a low sig (for a BC) to help mitigate fighter damage but are for the most part, still glass cannons like t1 ABCs and easily tracked by medium weapons.

If T3, they would have mode switching like T3D.

Speed mode: increase speed and reduce mwd sig bloom
Sharp shooter mode: increase tracking and scan res/sensor strength.
Assault Mode: Increase damage 150% (or more), reduce tracking by 95% and reduces your speed

If T2 (Assault Battlecruiser)
They would be low sig, moderate speed battlecruiser with a HAC role mwd sig reduction bonus. ADCU is optional on if it should be included here.

Youd have the same large weapons as T1 but have a module/hi slot to increase damage with the loss of tracking and speed (not 0 speed, just slower and easier to hit by subcaps).

End goal is to have dps around 2500-3k in this assault mode. Easy to exit a WH and pounce an unsupported ship or go roaming in with a gang. Not as good in fleets as a ferox fleet will overwhelm a fleet of these. As theyre t2/t3, they would not trade well from an ISK perspective.

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I’ll probably be putting up a ship balance thread later today, so save your navy battleship/navy cruiser balance ideas for there.

Thanks for the rest of the ship ideas.


What would be great are Heavy Stealth Bombers based on the Tier 3 BC’s

  • They have less hp than Tier 3 BC’s
  • use capital missiles(including rapid torps)
  • use nuclear weapons and normal bombs
  • similar slot layout as the Tier 3 BC’s
  • Same skillrequirements as command ships(they are command ships actually)
  • They don’t have covert cloacks or covert cynos

Nuclear weapons are new AOE Bombs that work like the old Doomsday weapons. They do like 200k damage to anything within 100km, but have very high signature resolution, so it only affects caps, while subcaps don’t take too much damage. There are also focused Nuclear weapons that take away a percentage of your opponents remaining shield/armor/hull regardless of resistance or absolute amount of hp. This would be an effective weapons against structures and overtanked supers.

The special thing about nuclear weapons:

  • The launcher can only be loaded while docked in a Station or Upwell structure, you cannot load it in space(including depots).
  • The launcher can load up to 5 nuclear missiles with a 2 sec rof and no reactivation delay.
  • After the ship used all missiles, it has to dock to get more, but it still can use its capital missiles or torpedos.

Another thing that would be great: Triglavian Capitals and more Triglavian T2 ships etc

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+1 for Precursor ships

The precursor ships currently have four sizes with one ship available, one size with two ships available, and three sets weapon skills with a single weapon each. This is a lot of skills to fill out for little use. Note: I don’t count the special edition ships for obvious reasons.

Diversifying to not just triglavian ships for the precursor tag could be fun. Not sure what race of precursor would be best for each type, but here is a list.

Recon - lets precursor lovers enjoy scouting gameplay
Tackler - make the fit tight and you could have a fun tackler that can keep an enemy in disintegratior range… for a price.

Destroyer - I’d love to see a dual light disintegrator destroyer to give it some uniqueness.

Cruiser - Doing better in this dept than the rest, but T2 offensive options would be very nice.

Battlecruiser - Not sure what would be best here. I thoroughly enjoy the Drekavac, a T2 version would be amazing.

Battleship - Something more tank focused preferably.

Could also explore Precursor hybrid ships akin to the fluff for the special edition trig ships. Caldari takes a Vedmak and retrofitted for shields with some missile batteries at the expense of having to downgrade to a light disintegrator with longer range.

just some thoughts, thanks for requesting input.

We ain’t talking about this ? Well, let’s introduce the great work made by our friend @Uriel_Paradisi_Anteovnuecci !
(Sorry for the tag, I just want you to know I’ve quoted your work).

[Ship Design] Precursor Drifter Shipline and Modules

He already did most of the job at creating quite a well documented ship branch. And with “Precursor” ships hopping on the fun bandwagon… It could be nice to see those in the hands of capsuleers !

Let’s hope this CSM reunion will bring brilliant ideas for the game we all love :slight_smile:


If you wanna talk new ships, I would not be opposed to a shield variant of the precursor ships with a nosferatu bonus in opposition to the neutralizer bonus of current precursor ships.

However, I am not sure that there should be talk about new ships when the current ones are lacking.


Appreciating the mention! I hadn’t seen this thread yet, thanks for bringing up the Drifter shipline :slight_smile: I’ve updated the proposal again recently and I think these ships and modules are nearing a solidly complete state - having CCP consider some of what’s included there (if they haven’t already done so) would make me wicked happy~

It’s always been a bit odd to me that Drifter ships have never come into player hands during the almost 4 years since their first appearance, whereas the Trigs had theirs become available as they appeared - Lining up a Drifter shipline in opposition to the Trigs (shields instead of armor, fast-attack instead of prolonged-fight superiority, etc.) lends a fun balance to the precursor storyline and available variety when it comes to actual gameplay. Linking the post again in my own response here:

[Ship Design] Precursor Drifter Shipline and Modules

I’ll also link the next round of ships I’m putting together after I finish the proposal :slight_smile:


Adding the Drifter line would be great if not the next logical step.

Uhhhhh Angel titan… No no no, its time to expand the Sansha Capital line @Brisc_Rubal.

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Empires exploration cruisers. SoE line are hybrid (gal/amarr). There are no pure empires hulls. Bonuses to hacking, scanning strenght. Maybe some new bonus like scanning d-scan immune hulls or hacking range bonus.



I’m with that guy’s proposition !


Happy to help you make your work more known among the CSM :slight_smile:


Abyss Drones

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There is usually lot’s of people wanting to use Frigate’s/Desi’s in fleet’s but atm the only useful roll’s for them is e-war, tackle ceptor’s, dictor’s and command desi’s. A lot of these ships are super fun to fly, would love to see more love to them during fleet’s providing an extra layer of strategy making it that much harder for the meta to settle in one spot.

Infiltrator Frigate Line

They use command skill’s, but have AOE debuff’s to weaken the enemy fleet, Decreasing Speed Slightly (10%) (minmatar)/ Increasing cap usage of modules (amarr) / increasing align time’s (Caldari) Decreasing Scan Resolution (Gallente).

These ship’s main function are to provide extra difficulty during fleet fight’s having more thing’s to worry about.

Decreasing speed / Align time to half of a fleet will pull them away from their anchor spliting group’s that are not concentrating into 2 weakening their dps as not all of them are in range unless they notice and wait for their allies that have fallen behind.

Decreasing Scan resolution open’s up target swapping and breaking tank through logi if the debuff is placed apon enemy logi.

Increasing cap usage will force player’s to play smart and optimize their module use more carefully if they don’t their hardener’s might turn off due to excessive MWD use and make them easier pray for Burst fire.

Guerrilla Frigate Line

When this frigate scram’s an enemy ship, that enemy ship receive’s 10%-15% per level less rep’s from allies.

The main reason for this ship line is to provide way’s to deal with excessive rep, especially in cases where FAUX are used on sub-cap’s.

Reinforcement Destroyer Line

These ship’s can link ehp with a single ally ship providing combined ehp and a greater buffer of either alone sharing damage and allowing more time for rep’s to land.

The reinforcement line will open up more cruisers/desi/frigates to fleet meta as the ehp of a reinforcement desi makes a big difference when cast apon one of these ship’s but none at all to a battle ship.

With a link from a Reinforcement desi an interceptor or n-omen might survive a single charge of Rapid light’s from an Orthrus.

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How about a larger gas harvesting ship. Gives better speed to gas harvesting and has a cargo bay for only gas. make it destroyer size so it can still fit through frigate holes. Slower warp and align then normal with a modest tank, not so weak where a sneeze kills it but not a procurer either. Model could have pressurized tanks on it.


I believe there is a niche for a hauler that fills the gap between Freighter and DST. This is a recurring theme in the Player features & ideas forum. Orca sort of does this but I think Ore could develop a dedicated hauler based on the Orca platform, dispensing with the command functionality, drone bay, ore hold and ship maintenance bay should make room for a substantially larger fleet hanger with a small standard cargo hold to discourage the use of expanders.

Fitting would be similar to Bowhead - 3 large rigs, 3 low, 3 mid and 0 high. Fleet hangar should start around 120K M3 growing to 180K M3 with bonuses (10%/level). Other parameters, including bill of material basically the same as the Orca.

There is an extinct cousin of the sperm whale, Livyatan which could provide a name for the new ship.


Faction warfare Navi Destroyers <3!!!

The benefit of these ship’s would be that they would be the only ones allowed to run the FW Mission’s which means it will be a lot easier to balance the mission’s so that they don’t become overpowered like they are now.

Also means that FW would get some more love which it has had nothing for years now :confused: mostly been null.

Shield logistics subcap ships to make up for the incredible imbalance vs armor logi. Nestor and/or Triglavian shield counterparts would be nice…