Next Summit Brainstorming - New Ships

(Ember Fireheart) #21

I’m sure these will be Drifter Logi :stuck_out_tongue:

(Residium Fall) #22

If they don’t want to lose the flavour of the existing HACs/AFs (Khanid Missiles, etc.) a third option that’s designed around the races secondary weapons systems would be adored. It’s bizarre that Minmatar have a missile frig path, destroyer path but then suddenly have HAM Lokis but no equivilent HAC. Same goes for Amarr with drones. The Recons just don’t really compensate.

Suppose the compliments would be a Gallente mid-range Rail in the spirit of the Rail Thorax/Brutix and a proper no frills/utility HAM brawler like the Navy Caracal/Hookbill/Merlin/Moa.

(Sasha Viderzei) #23

And as an extension to this good proposition, multiple ships deserved a T2 version for quite some time now : Hyperion, Abaddon, Rokh and Maelstorm.