Upcoming Summit Input - Battleship Improvements

@Olmeca_Gold Figured i’d tag you in this since you were asking for stuff like this on reddit a week or so ago.

I’m just going to consolidate a bunch of information i’d like to see discussed (if it happens to be brought up) during the summit regarding battleship balance. I’ll try to make it short as best as I can as key take away points and link to older threads for more in-depth detail.

Increase Scan Resolution by 25-50mm on all Battleships
Older Thread: Battleship QoL Updates

Battleships and Capitals are too close to each other in scan resolution. Some comparison of capitals and battleships have capitals with better or the same scan resolution as some battleships (Rokh/Scorpion Navy Issue being the worst offenders with 93mm scan res).

Buff Warp Speed
In the same thread above, I also listed increasing warp speed by +1AU across the board. If that is too extreme, i’d be fine even bumping them up .2 - .4 and BC’s getting a minor bump as well. Adding hyperspatials helps, but they are % based, and if you start with a low number, the % bonus is going to be low as well, meaning you need multiple hyperspatials to keep up with cruisers, which then reduces your tank, which means you’re more of a super fat cruiser than a battleship (since you lose a lot of buffer not using rigs). Also, don’t get me wrong, i understand sacrificing tank/damage/application for warp speed, but i think its a bit excessive to sacrifice 2-3 rig slots just to keep up with a cruiser (unless its a mach).

T1 Battleship Hitpoint Distribution
Article: https://newedenreport.com/2019/05/25/fit-for-purpose-an-analysis-of-battleship-hitpoint-distribution/

Summary is redistribute battleship HP values around to focus more on their primary tank. Such as moving 1000 armor and 500 hull from the Raven into shield. Or moving 1000 shield from the apoc/geddon and putting into armor (not exact numbers, but just examples). In the example i listed in the article, the Raven tank went from 99k EHP to 112k EHP, or roughly a ~12% improvement. With testing of fits, it varies from 6-12% improvements depending on resists. While a small change, it does not induce HP bloat and is still a buff to most battleship tanks without adding additional modules.

Pirate battleships need to be Rarer

The progression of T1 -> Navy -> Pirate battleship is broken, as pirate battleships are too easy to farm and cheaper/better than navy faction. Pirate battleships need to become rarer. I’d propose nerfing their drop rate from DEDs as the simplest method. Ideally, i’d like to nerf their droprate from DED’s and then shift a % of that drop rate into lowsec belts (exactly like Mordus spawns in belts). For example, if drop rate is nerfed 50%, move 25% of that into lowsec,

This moves some nullsec wealth to lowsec, and moves some risk into lowsec belts, instead of being in a site that needs to be probed where the site runner can just warp off/cloak as soon as they see probes.

Navy Ships - Competitive with Pirate
Article: https://newedenreport.com/2019/04/05/navy-ship-and-pirate-ship-progression/

With changes to Pirate battleships, navy battleships also need to be more desirable so people actually want to fly them. The navy geddon won’t be desirable even if the bhaalgorn costs 800m. This also applies to Navy Cruisers in comparison to Pirate Cruisers (just to a lesser extent). You can still have strong Navy ships without making Pirate ships obsolete. You just have to view pirate ships as having unique bonuses that no other ship has that make them strong, while navy ships rely on standard bonuses with good slot layout, fitting and dps. There are examples in the article if curious on what i mean.

Navy Battleship Changes

No article on this one, but just going provide my own thoughts on these as i’ve flown all of them extensively. I’ll provide my idea on changes to each one to make them more attractive and reasoning.

Tempest Fleet Issue:
10% bonus to Large Projectile Rate of Fire per level
10% bonus to Large Projectile Tracking speed per level

Reason: Minmatar do not have a large projectile platform with a tracking bonus that doesn’t cost 2b+ (Vargur). This also follows the same principle as the Firetail, Stabber and Hurricane Fleet Issue (high tracking bonuses with high damage bonus). I chose RoF as it wouldn’t make artillery fit with insanely high alpha (i think with a 10% damage bonus, you get like a 14k alpha in some fits, mach is 12k in comparison).

Typhoon Fleet Issue:
7.5% bonus to Heavy, Cruise and Torpedo missile damage per level
5% reduction to signature radius per level

Reasoning: The gun bonus on the typhoon FI is worthless in comparison to every other projectile ship. It also lacks fitting for larger guns, so its best to just scrap it and replace its bonus with literally any other bonus. A 25% reduction to sig radius on the TyFI would be interesting and could make for some interesting afterburner fits that are hard to hit for capitals. Alternatively, you could give it a target painter bonus or give it the same application bonus as the T1 phoon. I’m not picky, but the gun bonus is useless.

Raven Navy Issue:
5% bonus to Heavy, Cruise and Torpedo damage per level
5% bonus to Cruise missile and Torpedo explosion radius per level
-1 Launcher
+30-40 CPU

Reason: 8 Launchers use up a ton of fitting and it struggles to fit a decent tank+weapons. It also gains a utility high this way, which makes it a more competent brawler. The range bonus is nice, but not largely needed with cruise missiles (people will just use T1 ravens for sniping anyway) and if brawling, you don’t really need 30km torps. Range bonus didn’t apply to heavy missiles either. I’d also be fine seeing it go to 7.5% bonus to missile damage per level (with 7 launchers) and being a missile brawling powerhouse. The TyFI would be its competitor, but it has 5 heavy drones to compliment its damage, whereas the RNI would be all missile damage.

This would also bring it in line with things like the Navy Drake, where it lost a launcher for a substantial damage bonus for more utility.

Scorpion Navy Issue:
4% bonus to shield resistance per level
5% bonus to rapid heavy, cruise missile and torpedo rate of fire
5% bonus to reload speed of missile launchers per level
+buff scan resolution (120-130mm range)
+buff CPU by 30

Reason: Before you say its not right to give it 3 bonuses, keep in mind, CCP has already set precedent with the new VNI having 3 bonuses on a Navy ship. The extra bonus on this doesn’t change much, but could make for some interesting fits/tactics with RHML that differentiate it from just a standard RoF bonus. To satisfy the 2 bonus OCD, could even change it so something like:

5% bonus to Heavy, Cruise Missile and torpedo Rate of Fire and Reload Speed

The Scorpion Navy Issue is actually a pretty solid Navy Battleship, its just overshadowed by the Rattlesnake since its the same price/cheaper (depending on FW LP). Some minor adjustments is all it needs and a 25% bonus to reload speed makes it slightly more unique than just a tanker/reskinned typhoon or raven.

Armageddon Navy Issue:
10% bonus to large laser damage per level
5% bonus to armor Hitpoint per level
-1 High slot and turret
+1 Mid

Brings it in line with the Navy Augoror for progression and gives it a mid it so desperately needs to brawl effectively. The Abaddon buff we received back in March has already dethroned the ANI as the high dps AFK laser battleship and made it even less desirable. The ship also has some fitting issues, but dropping a turret should help resolve those.

I’d also be open to making it a missile battleship, but generally, amarr missile ships are Khanid, which are all T2 ships.

Apocalypse Navy Issue
10% bonus to Large Laser tracking per level
10% bonus to Large Laser Optimal range per level

Reason: Napoc bonuses are solid, nothing really wrong with the ship at the moment, just not a great meta for battleships, especially laser battleships that aren’t nightmares (jags). I increased the default bonuses to give it more range/tracking than T1 Apoc.

Dominix Navy Issue:
10% bonus to Drone hitpoints, damage, and tracking speed
5% bonus to Large Hybrid Turret damage, and tracking speed
7.5% bonus to armor repair amount
-1 turret

Reason: Follows VNI progression, retains the drone+turret damage combo but now gains armor repair and tracking bonuses. Essentially turns it into the drone hyperion.

Megathron Navy Issue:
7.5% bonus to Large Hybrid Turret damage per level
5% bonus to Large Hybrid Turret Rate of Fire per level
-1 Turret

Reason: Removing a turret for utility highs with a double damage bonus would turn it into the equivalent of a Gallente Tempest. You could kite or brawl and have plenty of utility for Nos or Neuts and it would be unique compared to the vindi or mega for utility (since neither have utility highs). Its double damage bonuses would also keep it similar to the navy exeq for progression.

Note: I had the hardest time deciding on how to change the N.Mega as there is a lot of overlap between the Vindi and T1 mega. Anyone more experienced with flying with the N.Mega is free to chime in here.

In the end, each race has a tank bonused Navy Battleship and a more combat/Application bonused battleship.

I think that’s the majority of the things i’d like addressed or to have discussions on if at all possible during the summit, or even just through the day to day talks with CCP should battleships ever become a topic.


good points!

Navy ships really need some love, no reason to fly a navy bs instead of a pirate bs.

btw what would you think of a dual tank bonus on the navy domi? 7.5% to armor rep and shield boosts? the current slot layout makes it a good choice for a shield boat with lots of damage mods in lows. And why remove 1 turret?

on the CNR I would do at least 10% damage bonus with 7 launchers. Without range bonus it should do more dps than a barghest.

And 10% damage instead of rof would be better on the fleet tempest. With 6 guns it gets about the same alpha as a machariel. Otherwhise it would just consume a lot of ammo.

just get rid of the scan res. It makes no sense for an improved ship to have less capacity to lock the same target.

All the ships start with 250 scan res. Even caps.
Give the combat interceptors and combat recon a +10% per level in the effect of overheating sensor boosters.
Give logistics frigs/cruiser/caps a +5% per ship level bonus in scan res

give it a 5% increase in local rep (shield boosting) per level ?
With the *1.25 from shield resist, this means *1.56 to the effective HP from a booster.
OR give it a 5% bonus per level to effective HP, applied to modules as well ? same, total EHP * 1.56

Gallente aren’t a shield focused race, they do have a consistent theme of armor rep bonuses though. You’re free to shield tank the navy domi (as can be done currently), but I don’t think it should be bonused for it. Minmatar normally have the dual tank bonuses on their T3 ships, it doesn’t really fit on a Gallente Navy Battleship though.

With the Navy Domi gaining both a tracking bonus to drones and turrets and an armor rep bonus, its getting a significant increase to application and tank, it can stand to lose some dps with the bonuses its getting. We don’t want a 1500 dps battleship that can also tank 2000 dps and apply to everything.

10% would be too much. 5% damage per level puts you about 20-30dps less than the barghest. I am also fine with it going to 7.5% per level for the reason you stated, it will outdps the barghest at that point, just not have the range bonus. 10% would put it at absurd levels of alpha/dps though.

Shield boost bonus on top of resist bonus, along with 8 mids would give it a ridiculous active tanking ability. Also Caldari mainline ships aren’t shield boost bonused, they’re always resist bonused. The only outliers are the Hawk, Tengu and Golem. Though, the Golem is shield boost bonused because its a Marauder and all Marauders have active tank bonuses. Tengu is bonused with the subsystem, like all T3’s.

If you want a shield boost bonus, you’d need to drop the resist bonus, which goes against Caldari lore/progression.

The reload bonus is a fairly mild “extra” bonus (compared to a 2nd tank bonus) and helps differentiate the SNI from the typical T1 phoon or Raven (that also share 6 launchers and RoF bonuses). Also, since Caldari are the missile race, having a bonus to reload speed (like the jackdaw) could be an interesting, low chance of abuse bonus that Caldari can start using more on certain ships.

it would be a bonus to RHML use.

Yep. It would be 8.75s reduction in reload speed. So instead of a 35s reload, it would be a 26s reload. Not anything drastic, but does make it faster at reloading and brawling again. Normal launchers would save 2.5s from their reload for a total of 7.5 second reloads. Again, nothing drastic, but helps to give it a little extra compared to its T1 counterparts. The SNI on its own isn’t a bad ship, its already quite tanky and has a good slot layout (8 mids/5 lows). Just needs some minor tweaks (fixing scan res, lil more CPU/PG), the reload bonus was just a minor extra to make it more unique.

I agree the Navy Mega comes out last in the list of proposed ( and good) changes. The new Navy Domi would absolutely be a ship I would be interested in flying, but the Navy Mega still has a whole lot of “meh” in it.
And for Bob’s sake, can we ditch the ridiculous “Space Jungle Camo” it comes with for some classic and tasteful paint design. Reminds me of the old joke on why John Deere tractors are painted green…

Not bad solid tweaks,

Agreed ROF turns mini ships in ammo guzzlers disliking it personally.
Would like to see all navy ships get 3bonuses (alternatively “role” bonuses) not just navy scorp.
…there was armageddon navy rework in the pipe some time back seems like CCP ditched it,would like to know why or is there any inertia from them to do something about battleships.
Looks like there isn’t…warp changes stranded them with 2.0 AU warp speed and than buffing BC AU speed closer to cruisers really punished them even further.
This produced harsh QOL degradation of hulls except when you fart them outside of citadels I really hope CCP realise that.

Yeah I agree on the Navy Mega. Its one of the more difficult ships i’ve tried to find a niche for. Its the same as T1, except it has a utility high. The Vindi does more dps, has the same tracking bonus and gets a web bonus+drones. I tried to make it something that doesn’t have as much overlap as the vindi or T1 Mega, but it still feels kind of meh. Even with things like giving it 5 mids, its the same as the Vindi with 5 mids. I was thinking well maybe instead of tracking, we give it falloff bonus, but i still don’t see that as very appealing.

Would be a good place to discuss ideas on it, cause i’m not thinking of much that fits with gallente lore that doesn’t already overlap with the vindi/t1 mega. Only other option is a hull tank bonus, but it already gets over 200k EHP with bulkhead fits and tbh, its a really boring method of tanking.

Was thinking along same lines as you. Perhaps you get a 3% or so bonus per level to tracking when using rails; 3% or so bonus per level bonus to falloff if using blasters. Numbers have some wiggle room in them, but trying to approximate the equivalent of half a targeting computer effect built into the hull. This offers a better chance of applying damage with no gamebreaking jump in damage output.
IDK, everything I think of to try finds the Mega1, Vindi or Kronos doing it better and the Navy Mega just will be ignored…like it is today.

why not tracking and falloff bonus ?
Or a postive-negative alpha bonus :
present bonuses :

  • +5% damage per level
  • +7.5% tracking speed per level

with fixed alpha bonuses :

  • -50% rof
  • +100% damage

so a *2 to alpha, without changing the overall DPS ?

I missed the first part from @Gustav_Mannfred about the RoF bonus.

While i do agree that RoF bonuses just make them spit out ammo with what doesn’t seem like a lot of damage, there are a few exceptions to this.

  1. ScyFI does well with autocannons in close range and its dps is respectable
  2. A lot of Minmatar’s ships that are RoF bonused are missile ships, which don’t do well with RoF bonuses, especially RLML fits.
  3. On a battleship with inherently slower RoF, the 50% bonus would still make it shoot fast, but maybe not as ridiculous as things like the Loki, Claymore, Cyclone etc

A RoF bonus would also allow the hull to have a slightly higher dps value than if you had a 10% damage bonus and fewer things need to change. I discuss this some in the Article relating to Navy/Pirate ship comparison. I’ll link the part where I discuss the bonuses on the “new” Tempest Fleet Issue:

if we fit T2 800mm autocannons with 3 gyrostabilizers, your dps is lower than the old tempest fleet issue, which is now 741 with faction short range ammo. Which is pretty low. We can work around this in 1 of 2 ways.

The first way would be to give the TFI 125m3 of drone bandwidth. With a full set of heavy drones + gun damage, you’re now sitting at 1058 dps, which is comparable to other battleship dps.

The second way would be to add a 7th turret. Which brings the total gun dps to 861 and then another ~150 dps from medium drones, puts you at about 1011 dps. The only issue I have with this method is that you are then the highest alpha battleship in the game by a far margin above the mach, and track better. With only 6 1400’s and 10% damage bonus, you get an alpha of 12715, which is about 400 over a Machariel. Add in 7 turrets and it goes up to an insane 14833. If you go the route of a 7th turret, dropping the damage bonus to 7.5% per level would probably be a better-balanced bonus.

As you can see, doing a straight 10% damage bonus would mean either adding a 7th turret, or increasing the drone bay. Whereas a 10% RoF would bump up the initial DPS enough to not need to add additional drones or a 7th turret and you don’t run the risk of it turning into an alpha monster.

On the flip side, it somewhat self balances with super long RoF on 1400’s, but in a fleet with lets say, 100 of these, you could one shot any subcap since not only do you have major alpha, but decent tracking as well. Start splitting your fleet into 20 guys per shot and you can now remove 5 subcaps per shot.

Personally, i’d like the pure damage bonus more, just because i’m a fan of alpha. Realistically though, and to keep it better balanced, i think the RoF bonus is the safer bet. But feel free to discuss it further.

For the Navy Mega, long ago there was a natural progression if a player wanted to travel down the Megathron hull line. The Navy Mega has a 175m3 drone bay with 125mbit/s bandwidth allowing it to bring full flights of light/med/heavy(sentry) drones. Something that was an improvement over the base Megathron, and set it apart from the Vindicator, plus the extra low slot didn’t hurt for extra tank or damage. One problem tho became that by the time you skilled up drones and T2 guns, the damage output was still kinda meh compared to the pirate BS’s, and you might as well just skip the Navy Mega and go to the Hyperion, which has a similar drone setup and better tank, or straight to the Kronos.

However part of the bigger problem I think many have felt for awhile is what would the navy bonuses even be changed for? Some may disagree, but lately, after reading many threads for change, I’ve kinda felt there should be an obvious progression of navy battleships to their T2 counterparts. Tier 1 Navy should progress towards Black Ops, and Tier 2 Navy should be superior for PvE and then pirate should be superior for PvP, it seems to make a natural sort of sense. Unfortunately, the reality became the handful of pirate battleships that are pretty much the ‘goto’ for almost everything. Tier 2 Navy ships, like Navy Mega, should have good damage application and tanking bonuses for natural progression into Kronos as example IMHO.

And even if there was a movement to bonus navy ships for PvE, yet another deficit of the game is that security missions are hardly worth doing anymore, let alone full clearing them for loot and salvage. It’s pretty much use the handful of non-navy ships to blitz missions, or the uncommon farm tags for standings loss. So what is really needed is a two prong approach of fixing/repairing the PvE content for the appropriate battleships and then bonusing the ships accordingly.

This could cause a lot of upheaval in ship and economy balancing, so I am under no illusion that there would be a surge of support for something like this, and am not holding my breath to see any changes any time soon.

Adding 7th turret cant happen it would become beautiful and deadly to many things via unforgiving blapage straight to Valhalla.
Drone bay and bandwidth expansion is key here to all Tempest Fleet iterations imo and here is why i believe so

The Tempest is one of the Republic Fleet’s key vessels; a versatile gunship proficient at long-range bombardment and capable of dishing out specialized types of damage with great effectiveness


Go 10% ROF forget about ship being arty platform you will have Cruise and Tachyon(not to mention Minmatar BS lineup) ships dishing similar alpha strikes while having 2-3 times faster ROF them self’s.

Howitzers supposed to be Alpha strike weapon if other weapons are doing same thing with substantially more DPS…ship failed idea behind Howitzers is flawed.

Go 10% DMG with 7 guns is already stated anything that isn’t hard coded in game engine to be indestructible would be alphad out of game in 5 days flat.

So in attempt to keep ship versatile and this is my opinion only ofc options bellow.

A) Two bonus route
10% DMG 10% Tracking (6 Guns 125 /100 Drone bay/Bandwidth it can brawl some it can howitzer)
B) Three bonus route
5% DMG and ROF 10% Tracking (6 Guns 200/125 Drone bay/Bandwidth it can brawl better it can howitzer)
C)Brawl now howitzer later
10% ROF 10% Tracking 6 Guns vanila drone bay(it can brawl bring hoarder alt stock full on ammo you will need it)

B) for bad boy is my favorite,one thing is certain that tracking bonus needs to happen 2B to enable that option is silly and just for picture linking purposes

10% tracking bonus would probably land between Vargur(Hail/RF EMP L) and that Kronos(Void/FN AM L) so it wouldn’t be oppressive.
Both Megathrons offer sub 2Bill tracking battleship platform its Nigh time Minmatar get one.

A or C for me.

B would be too low dps even with 125mb of bandwidth. Keep in mind, the 10% damage bonus numbers i provided were with 3 gyrostabs. Most fits will probably only have 2. So instead of 741 dps it would be closer to 700-680dps. If you drop the bonus down to only 5% damage with 6 guns, youll be down to 550-600ish dps which is too low for a battleship.

If you go the 10% damage per level route, you’d need the 125mb bandwidth too. Probably 150m3 drone bay and 125 bandwidth.

Whereas the 10% RoF you dont have to worry as much about the drone bay or dps issues. Ammo is a factor, but can also give a minor buff to cargo capacity on it as well.

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B) 3 Gyros 802 DPS Guns 317 Ogres total 1119 DPS(1017 faction ammo)
B) 2 Gyros 715 DPS Guns 317 Ogres total 1031 DPS(940 faction ammo)

Not too shabby would remain auto and arty platform,
In any case thanks for post it made me think about eve and that i rarely do any more hope your ideas reach right people.

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My mistake, i misread B as only 5% damage bonus.

Doing 5% dmg and Rof and adding tracking as a 3rd bonus could be an option. With the proposed N.Domi and SNI having 3+ bonuses, may not be too far-fetched.

Though inevitably would be up to CCP if they want to start making navy ships with 3 bonuses or have some navy ships with 2 and others with 3.

They’ve kind of opened pandora’s box with new VNI having essentially 5 bonuses (or 3 lines of bonuses).

Thanks for the input, hopefully some CSM guys keep these ideas in mind if battleships ever pop up as a discussion point.

+1 Great Read OP

please keep in mind that T2 ships are not considered main line they are specialist variations on base T1 hulls designed, tested & sold to capsuleers by licensed corporations within each empire faction.

I for one would like to see CCP readdress the Navy hulls potentially adding:

  • unique racial bonus (traits that proliferate through the ship line)
  • add mechanics that are unique to navy hulls (possibley through Naval specialization skills)
  • or just do a the OP has suggested.

This is a good thread. Thanks for putting this up, Stitch.

IMO, on the general case, navy ships should have an application/projection bonus linked to the standing level of the pilot instead of battleship level.
The current maximum effect of BS V would be reached at navy standing 7 or 8. That is a bonus of +25-33% in the effect at navy standing 10 compared to now.

Looking at details :


mega navy :

  • gallente battleship bonus
    • 5% rof Lhybrid
  • caldari navy bonus
    • 5% bonus to tracking speed (minimum 0) . Maximum value of 50% instead of 37.5%, standing 7.5 is 37.5%

domi navy

  1. caldary navi (per level)
    • 3% bonus to drone tracking and optimal range. min 0, max 30 that’s lower than vanilla bonus.


tempest fleet :

  • same BS bonus to DPS as now
  • republic fleet bonus
    • +3% falloff and optimal to Lproj (min 0) . Maximum is +30% range at standing 10, which is lower than mach, but allows both arty and AC to get some required projection.

phoon fleet :

  1. republic fleet bonus (per level)
    • 2% in cruise and torpedo missile explosion bonus. That’s the vaniolla bonus, tuned down (max 20% instead of 25%)
  2. matar BS
    • remove the LProj bonus. in effect the phoon has 8.25 Elaunchers, and 2.75 Eturrets. with two BCU it’s 12 Elaunchers, so removing the 2.75 Eturrets would be a loss of 18% DPS wich is compensated by the sig reduction bonus(+25% DPS versus small targets).


napoc would be a bit different, because it has same bonuses as vanilla.
I would

  1. reduce the high turrets to 7
  2. add an Amarr BS bonus of 3% increase per level in Lenergy damage (up to +15% )
    • total net gain of +0.62% DPS :stuck_out_tongue:
    • reduction in cap usage from guns by 12.5%
  3. add an Amarr navy bonus of 4% tracking and optimal per level (up to 40%)
  4. put the amarr BS bonus in the apoc (so a removal of 1 turret too) to make napoc always better than apoc at same BS level.

armageddon navy. I would make it an armageddon T1 but based on lasers instead of drones.

  1. -2 turret so two utility turrets
  2. innate +33.3% damage of Lenergy guns for same DPS
  3. Amarr BS bonus(per level)
    • 5% bonus to LEnergy rof (same)
    • 7% reduction in LEnergy cap usage. That means max is 6 turrets * 0.65 = 3.9 turret consumption, before was 8*0.5 = 4 : the consumption is the same even with two turrets less, and the DPS is the same.
  4. amarr navy bonus(per level)
    • 5% bonus to energy nosferatu and energy neutralizer optimal and falloff range (min 0). That’s +50% range on nos/neutra at max faction level.


scorpion navy
why do we have two navy caldari ships based on the missiles ? Make it a torpedo platform, with less DPS than the raven, no range bonus, but application and shield bonus.

  1. keep the 6 launchers, 1 utility
  2. caldari BS bonus (per level)
    • 3% bonus to rof . This will go max -15% delay so 6/0.85 = 7.06 Elaunchers instead of 6/0.75 = 8 Elauncher that we have now.
    • 4% bonus to shield resistances (same)
  3. caldari navy bonus (per level)
    • 4% bonus to torpedo and cruise missiles signature.(min 0)

This last bonus effectively reduce at most the sig of torps by 40% so an increase in DPS by 100/(100-40) = +66.7% versus small targets. This is better than the raven navy, but actually not that much : the raven navy already has a 100/(100-25) = +33% increase in DPS vs small targets, with 8 ELaunchers, so total 10.67 ELaunchers vs small targets, while this bonus would be +66.7% over 7.06 turrets so total 11.77 ELaunchers vs small targets. That’s an increase of DPS of 10% over the raven NI for small target, and a decrease of DPS of 11.75% for bigger targets. and remember that is for caldari navy 10.

The scorpion NI would thus trade range and damage against bigger target for shield res and damage against smaller targets.

raven NI
move the 50% max range from BS to a navy bonus. Maybe increase it ? if yes, 6% per standing level (so 60% max instead of 50%), if no 5%.
Not much to say.