Battleships - please buff scan res. This is something everyone wants

Can’t be that hard to just buff scan res. Some capitals have higher base scan res then a battleship ? They are so rarely used outside of a 200 man kitchen sink comp because any smaller group can’t mititgate the numbers they encounter due to poor lock times. 2 ram jags at 100km? They’ll scram you before you can lock them. I am not against this frigate bay addition, ok cool gimmick but can we actually get a buff that makes them usable again?



Okay, I wish BS scan resolutions were faster. BUT, I do not wish this was the case because I think it would be good for game balance, I wish it were the case because it would benefit me. Like, I feel the same way about the warp speed increases. I like them because it personally benefits me, but think that it reduces player choice and negatively impacts balance.

So, I’d recommend fitting a sig amp or scripted sebo if you want faster lock times.

Also, nerf capital lock times. They shouldn’t have the lock times of battleships.


Sacrifice a module slot or an implant slot

Basically increase carrier locktimes ? It would be a start.
Battleship class is a mess. Rarely used and supposedly the powerhouse of subcapitals. It would benefit your playstyle whatever that is but it would balance battleships into a place where they are actually used.
Currently people don’t use them. Warp speed increases were a great start. Now let us lock things with them. Fits become gimped if you add a sebo. Add a midslot to all battleships and i’ll add a sebo

Battleships would be used if caps were banned from Empire Space.


Well, they’re used a lot in highsec. So, that makes me suspect that at least part of the problem is due to caps being able to do what BS’s can do, but better. Like, just the other day, I heard people on TiS saying that there’s no point in flying a maurader when you can just fly a dread. Anyway, I agree that there is a problem, but I think it might have more to do with caps than battleships. I don’t know. Something to think about, at least.

Even if it needs a scan res buff, it should be very slight one. Other than that - bs class is fine.

There is a general issue with Battleships relative to other sub caps also. CCP themselves have admitted this.
Scan res would be a fairly safe area to buff them, they still won’t track frigates properly but it would give them at least more comparable lock times.


I like your honesty. Something that is seriously lacking nowadays.


Just dont make it like it was on carriers after their rebalance.

Why not. The carrier issue wasn’t their scan res. It was their ability to apply dps to small targets, especially in burst

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They shouldn’t be able to track frigates properly.

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If a slight buff to scan res. allows battleships (especially t1) to be used more, I say go for it.

The only down side I see is giving them the ability to lock tackle faster and possibly neut or kill the tackle and get away. Tackle is usually pretty thinly tanked and is just required to “hold on” until help gets there.

I like this guy.

He’s nice.

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Ok? Did I say they should.
It’s starting to feel like you are stalking me just to sperg pointless replies that have nothing to do with what I was saying at this point.

Thin skinned?

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No, there are reasons for different scan times and base numbers are set to balance that between the ship classes.

There are tools in game that work very well to change such and remember every remote module was designed to focus on fleeting up with other Capsuleers to perform the various tasks if such called for faster scan times.

The Battleships in New Eden are fine and my best guess (without wearing a tin foil hat) is only needing a T3 Triglavian Series BlackOPS


Level 5 missions would take longer.

Another good reason to remove caps from low sec :slight_smile:

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They need to fix BLOPs before they make any more.

Now if they removed caps from low, that might give BLOPs a place in the game, otherwise it is just a shitty BS.