So whats the Deal with BattleShip WarpSpeeds?

I remember CsM minutes from YEARS ago addressing the need to make BSes warp faster.

Literally YEARS since it appeared in CSM minutes and ccp “would take a look at the low bs usage and warpspeed”

Now you need Triple HyperSpacial Rig your BS so cant use the rigs for dps/tank/armor


Litteraly YEARS!

Speed up the BattleShip WarpSpeed fix.

GenDisc, how fast do YOU feel BSes need to warp?

At least Ludicrous Speed…


I remembered suitonia flying a 3AU/s Armageddon and his explanation:

Literally the first couple of sentences after his introduction in the comentary video is how he is forced to use ALL 3 RIGS for HyperSpacial rigs IN ADDITION to then needing to use a Low slot for Fitting due to not being able to use a rig for fitting. And how that affects the dps/tank.

Litteraly point proven thank you.

I dont have an eloquaint foreign accent to make my point sound so knowledgeable and wise as he does.

Why should BSes warp faster? You are assuming CCP did not look at this. What big they did and felt no change was needed? The speed seems to work for all the null fleets based on a BS doctrine.

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I thought CCP increased price for all Pirate Battleships because Machariel is just too good so that everyone uses it. Now it looks like my alliance is using Tempest more often.

Lol no ■■■■ it works for “null sec BS doctrines”

Take a guess why entire fleets of BS that warp at 2.0au “work”…

Cuz the “doctrine” is full of 2.0 au slow BSes lol.

They all warp at same slow speed.


Consider low sec med-small gang. And your 2.0au BS STICKS OUT LIKE SORE THUMB.

When you have a couple cruisers and a dude in a BS, he gets left 3 systems behind.

Also, the “nullsec BS doctrines” are mostly freaking MACs lol literally THE BS THAT HAS THE FASTEST WARP SPEED LMAO

Maybe…Warp speed boosters?

You don’t have to use hyperspatial rigs at all. There is a thing called fleet warp, wing warp, and squad warp which would warp everyone at the same speed as the slowest warper. Of course it is easier to moan that the game needs to be changed rather than learning how to play the game.


My reply is simple.

It is a BATTLESHIP! It isnt built for speed. If you want fast fly a Battlecruiser or a Cruiser, or even a Frigate.

My Battleship does 175m/s and 2.0Warp… it is SLOW… so slow I just use drones to do everything I can. When I want to go fast I use my Cruisers or Destroyers.

No ■■■■.

Csm YEARS ago in multiple summits have said BS speed is too slow.


Then typical ccp has forgotten or just ignored and placed on back burner for fix SOON like they have with many things.

Forcing your med-small gang to warp around at 2.0au IS THE LITERAL PROBLEM HERE DUDE LOL

So? None of that means the ships need a new warp speed. It just means you don’t like warping that slow.

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Your med-small gang could also use the Mach. Or you could bring something else than a BS if it fit so badly in your doctrine.


Want to go fast, hit hard but be made of paper, fly a BC.
Want to hit hard, and take a hit, but are slow as mud, fly a BS.

I like the BC over the BS anyway. Speed over tank for me anyway.

Hi Cam…

No-one is forcing you to do anything. Use an attack battlecruiser if you are need speed so bad. The tradeoff is you don’t get the BS tank. It’s called balance. You can choose speed or tank but you don’t get both.


unless its machariel

Actually the mac doesn’t have all that great of a tank (the lowest of all the pirate battleships) plus it uses one of it’s bonuses to achieve the warp speed. Other BS use the bonus spot for something more useful in actual combat.

other bses dont have a bonus spot
not even the faction bses have one
only pirate and t2 bses get the role bonuses of which machariel has 2
one of them is warp speed the other is damage

How I warp in battleship