Nestor Warp speed

Before the warp speed patch the Nestor had a 25% higher warp speed then the standard Battleship warp speed of 2.5AU/s over 2AU/s. That made it have the same warp speed as a Battlecrusier. Now the Nestor warp speed is the same as all other Battleships at 3AU/s. Please give it back the built in 25% Bonus or at least give it the same speed of a BC. so somewhere around 3.75AU/s to 3.5AU/s


File a bug report - i think it is appropriate to classify Nestor relative “nerf” as “unintended” change.

For those who don’t know:

Warp speed changes are:
Cruiser: 3 -> 4
BC: 2.7 -> 3.5
BS: 2 -> 3
T2 Cruiser: 3.3 -> 4.5
T2 BC: 3 -> 4
T2 BS: 2.2 -> 3.5

Is there a link to the actual changes?
There is no patch notes for it or anything in the information portal that i can find.

Maybe my memory is wrong, but didn’t CCP nerf warp speed years ago? Just seeing an increase is surprising enough.

Devblog anywhere?
Angel’s hulls? Marauders?
If true it’s great.

I would like to thank CCP in the name of all freighter pilots for their efforts and time spend on this project.

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So i guess T3Cs fall under normal cruisers? since my loki is at 4 Au/s

T3C has standard cruiser warp speed unless enchanced by subsystem.

Memory is still functioning as intended!

Years ago, all ships warped at the same speed. They wanted smaller ships to be able to overtake larger ones tho. So interceptors became really fast while battleships became really slow. And stuff in between ofc.

Cynabal 6AU/sec
Machariel 4.5AU/sec

AFAIK for Nestor the warp speed was a manually input quirk, whereas for Angels the extra acceleration and speed is baked in as a role bonus. So yes sounds like they made a batch change for ship weight classes and Nestor was an unintended victim.

Freighters are left with their old warp speeds. Only cruisers to battleships vessels, including T2 and T3 variants are changed.

Cruiser: 3 to 4 wasn’t needed at all

BC: 2.7 to 3.5 is a nerf all things considered 2.7 to 3.7 is what would kept them in line.

BS: 2 -> 3 this solves “getting old exiting warp” scenario but wont do much otherwise they needed to be closer to BC / cruisers warp speed…these changes keep em out of fun gameplay still imo.

T2 C: 3.3 to 4.5 a buff for a buff sake nice i guess.

T2 BC: 3 to 4 needs a buff you just buffed t2C for no effing reason.

T2 BS: 2.2 to 3.5 take this apply similarly to t1 battleships you are letting them in a place they need to be out of.


In the fire service that stands for Chief has arrived on scene

Since it is to make everyone happy.
Why not give a good boost to the Warp-Speed of All Ships.

Shuttle – 7.00 AU/s
Corvette – 6.00 AU/s
Frigate – 6.00 AU/s (T2 – 6.00 AU/s / 9.00 AU/s)
Destroyer – 5.50 AU/s (T2 – 6.50 AU/s / T3 – 5.50 AU/s)
Cruiser – 5.00 AU/s (T2 – 5.50 AU/s / T3 – 5.00 AU/s)
BattleCruiser – 4.50 AU/s (T2 – 5.00 AU/s)
BattleShip – 4.00 AU/s (T2 – 4.50 AU/s)
DreadNought – 3.00 AU/s
Carrier – 3.00 AU/s
Titan – 2.00 AU/s

Industrial – 5.50 AU/s (T2 – 4.50 AU/s / 7.00 AU/s)
Freighter – 2.00 AU/s (T2 – 2.50 AU/s)

Mining Frigate – 6.00 AU/s (T2 – 6.50 AU/s)
Mining Barge – 5.00 AU/s (T2 – 5.50 AU/s)
Noctis – 5.00 AU/s
Porpoise – 4.50 AU/s
Orca – 4.00 AU/s
Rorqual – 2.50 AU/s
Bowhead – 2.00 AU/s

Nestor – 4.50 AU/s

Industrial and mining ships don’t need to go fast.
So do capitals and supers. They’re slow ships and certainly don’t need a buff.

Frigates and destroyers are already fast enough as it is.

This is called irony. :smiley:

And how do I recognise it :upside_down_face:

god lord if people complain about evrything