The Marshal & The Nestor

I wanted to point out that the Marshal fulfills the role that people have been suggesting here for the Nestor more or less since it came out. So the question remains - why does the nestor not have this unique bonus, since CCP now seems OK to have it in-game?

With the combat-refitting removed, it’s niche was reduced. Make the nestor the faction blops it was meant to be.

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Sure, but remember to add ~100,000,000 kg to the Nestor’s mass while you’re at it.

maybe because Nestor is Faction T1 while Marshal is Faction T2 that comes with a very high price tag?

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That would be fine…nestor maneuvers like a cruiser, that’s out-of-role lore-wise anyways (that’s mordus job).

Also the martial is a special edition, not just faction. Unless something changes it looks unlikely that these will ever get into the hands of every-day players despite CCP’s initial comments on the subject.

It’s kind of not, lore-wise. Here’s an excerpt from the Nestor’s description:

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I would like to see a rework for the Nestor as well. While it will never get cov ops cloak, since it would be OP on a bship hull, I think it needs a more defined role. Unlike the Astero and Stratios which can get away with being “jack-of-all-trades”, the Nestor should focus more on logistics. I would like to see capacitor transfer bonuses added to support spider tanking for sleeper sites. Also, as many have pointed out for years, the data/relic/probe bonuses make little sense unless the Nestor gets a special bonus to data/relic hacking range or something because only a fool would do these sites in a bship hull.

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As was pointed out many times when it was being developed, the bonuses to Data and Relic probing were an extra. They said over and over that they could remove the bonuses, but they would not be replaced with anything else.

I could imagine some kind of tractor beam bonus too, like what the marauders have.
I like the idea of the analyzer range bonus too, though I never understood why exactly does it have a remote rep bonus, especially without any range bonus to make it actually useful.

Everyone keeps saying a cov.ops cloak on a battleship would be op but no one ever explains how.
All it does is let it warp cloaked. It still has the lock delay, it still has battleship sensors for slow lock speeds, it still has barely more tank than a t1 battleship.

Heaven forbid a class of battleship could roam effectively.

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True. I think the concern here is that it makes them too hard to catch… though I’m not sure I agree that it’s a flaw a ship whose sole role is cloaky shenanigans should have. I think that if you can tackle it, great, but if not, it should be able to slip through with ease.

False, recalibration delay on blops is 0.

One of the biggest aggravations I have with this hull. An ambush hull that takes forever and a dog’s age to ambush.

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It is with the current non cov cloak yes.
Most cov cloak ships other than bombers have the normal delay though.
I guess I was assuming that would go though I guess it doesn’t mean much with sensor resolution either way.

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