Nestor solo usage

A long time ago I’ve fully trained for the Nestor.
I would like to know if there are any specific PVE/PVP content where it is the most efficient and useful (besides running lvl4 missions).

The ship bonuses point to exploration as all SOE ships, but the lack of Cov Ops Cloaking device makes it a bit useless for solo exploration like the SOE cruiser and frigate.

Maybe a 2 account multibox could be where it shines the most, as 2 Nestors could Remote Rep each other and maybe run C4/C5 WH sites?

What do you think?
Does anyone know what could be the playstyle/role where the Nestor shines the most?

multibox nestors can, and do, run c5 wormhole sites.
they’re also very light on mass, which is handy for WH shenanigans.

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I would definitely enjoy the Nestor more if it allowed a cover ops cloak.
Mainly I’ve used on in HS for Superior Sleeper Caches and a few L4 security missions over the years.

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We’ve been asking for this for… 6 years+ now? Don’t think it’s gonna happen…

We can still dream though. It would give Exploration a big boost and it would look really cool.

Would be completely OP to have a RR-bonused covert-warping Drone-BS in the game. Sry, will never happen. Use a T3C or a Stratios for covert exploration.

I’d gladly sacrifice a high slot for a mid or low slot just to make in not too OP with in the RR scene.

Yeah I think it would be nice to have a faction CovOps battleship and Nestor would be awesome for that. It would also keep the identity of SOE ships. It could lose the RR bonus or a slot to balance for that but it would be nice to have a solo exploration battleship.

Maybe give it a range bonus to relic/data module. Make it reach out to 15km or something.

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Black Ops should have covert ops cloak capability already…

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More than Cov-Op, I feel the Nestor needs a buff to its super shitty power grid. 11250 base PG is absolutely pathetic for a laser armor battleship. It should be at least 15000.

(For comparison, the Armageddon Navy has 16000 base PG.)

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You can get a full rack of megapulses, an MWD, double battery and double plate with a single mod or rig for fitting.

The nestor, after filling all turrets with t2 megapulses, has 1687.5 PG left to play with. That’s plenty to fit a reasonable but not insane tank after going full battery for cap, or to fit a really tough tank and then use some rechargers for cap.

Impactful but not overpoweringly so. I like it.

(cough) … Covert ops cloak … (cough)


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