Looking for C5 fits idea


So long story short me and my corpmates currently run Nestors to clear C5 sites as our main source of income. While Nestors are nice for their tankiness and relatively passive playstyle, but the low DPS means that killing the drifter is a bit too slow for our tastes.

Considering we don’t have access to caps, what other fits or strategy are there that would allow us to kill the drifter faster ? I’ve looked at tinker Rattles and they seem to output slightly more DPS than the Nestors but nothing major considering the cost investment. Any other Ideas ?

As far as I know, you are doing about the best you can with a small fleet. Anchor an engineering complex and build caps?

The only way you’re going to kill the drifter faster is to shoot it with more ships, use a dread, or kill it with an astrahus. The drifter attacks the largest ship targeting it so after agression is made you can bring in high DPS smaller ships such as polarized BC’s if you don’t have more Nestors.

I used to run 4 nestors, a beam abso with 2 links, resists, and rr ones, a salvage leshak (salvage while doing the drifter) and a tackle vindicator for the drifter, (plus 1400 DPS) and dual 90 webs ( I stopped Krabbing before abyssal mods came out now I just Plex tank) the leshak and vindicator stayed off grid until it was drifter time, and the nestors would start their reps up and assign drones to the abso. ( Had plans to swap to a drek, but never got around to it, and you need to semi gimp your fit in order to be able to use the trig gun on the 60+ km battleships. The way I was looking at it I needed 3 TC’s and I had 3 damage mods to give good deeps (that’s what my drek setup would have been anyway)

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Vindicators have smaller sig that nestors. Armor Rattles are good aggro soakers from drifter because garentueed to receive the aggro, unless you’re using some dumb shield setup or you have a mwd cycling. But the guys I know who ran rattles used cap xfer nestors instead of battery and recharger fits like me. Works better because tbh because the armor torp rattles still do 1500+ DPS have plenty of tank and you can run graple, web and dual faction scrams to hold drifter and the. Cap xfer keeps your rattle from being neuted out Plus a battery or two

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More nestors, or keep some ships with smaller sig than nestors, or run a tackle rattle, or something similar. Vindicators work well because 90 webs, and leshaks because 2-3kdps. My setup as commented ran sites in 20-25 mins

3 nestors and 2 leshak :smiley:

That works, you could run rr on the shakes too, or sb’s

You could throw in some vindicators for web bonuses as others have said + extra spice with a target painting bonused ship like Huginn or rapier or if you want to go cheap n fast go with the hyena.

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