Best ship to solo C5s?

Hi guys, I’m thinking of a paladin but I’m not 100% sure

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I’m leaving a tactical dot here

A dread could work

Marauders and Rattlesnakes can work just fine, takes forever though. Some of the sites has high levels of remote repair and sometimes 1k dps just isnt enough, if you cant apply it perfectly, with perfect timing.
If you wanna solo C5 sites fast, its a HAW dread with amazing application/range and 3-5k dps, that you want!
Ive heard bad things about carriers though, because sleepers like munching drones for breakfast and they tend to web alot.

A dreadnaught should be able to kill the drifter just fine aswell, which marauders and Rattlesnakes struggle with, because of the heavy neuting. Just fit capital cap booster on the dread and fill the Fleet Hangar with 3200’s hah! You need 4 scram points though, to hold the drifter.

Sounds nice. But I think it will be pretty hard to move the Dread around the wormholes, because only one type of wormhole allow capital ships =/

But those ships were built to create a hell of DPS, so they should burn pretty easily in those sites will still being able to point the drifter and rip his tank apart. Though I don’t know how well a dreadnought can survive the doomsday weapon of the drifter battleships, because they say a lot of carriers have been destroyed by that weapon.

What does HAW Dreadnought mean, too ?

WH drifter doesn’t have a doomsday. And HAW means High-Angle Weapon. It’s a new type of capital sized weapon meant for targeting subcaps. Less raw dps, but much better tracking and precision.

You can move dread just fine through c5 and c6 wormholes (very large wormholes) But most people tend to build capitals in the home hole.
A dread is by far the most effective farming ship for wormholes,

Like Shaela said, drifter response battleships in wormholes doesnt have doomsday, you just need to be able to tank about 1600 dps, which a dread can do for weeks lol.

3 Naglfars.

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