Are Marauders or Dreadnoughts better for C5 WH ratting? If Dreads what Dread is best for C5 WH ratting?

I want to get into WH ratting someday. But I don’t know if I should dual box Marauders or Dreads.

Which is better, dual boxing Marauders or Dreads for C5 WH ratting?

If dreads which dread is best to dual box?

If not Dreads what are dreads good for in PvE?

The problem using dreads in c5 sites is the Avengers. They have a great festering mountain of ehp to chew through for pretty mediocre payout.
Then there’s the issue of being locked in place for five minutes, which can get you very dead if a Corp rage rolls into you while you’re krabbing.
You also need to run a lot of sites to pay for them.
That said, Naglfars are popular for the task. Or you could try the long-range blap method. As a general rule, having capless weapons is a plus given the amount of neuts you’ll face both in the site and for surprise, bonus round pvp.
Tinker Rattlesnakes are a good subcap option. Local shield reps and cap transfers in the high slots armed with a Gecko. A little slow, but very safe and eZ mode with drone assist.
As for Marauders, they’re fine in your home hole, but the new mass changes mean they’re pretty heavy on your static. Any Marauder except a Kronos can get the job done (Kronos has severe range issues).
Tinker Leshaks backed up by a Nestor and some armour links works very well, just a high Actions Per Minute requirement compared to other subcap options.
Doing the site in subcaps, then spawning the drifter as your warping out, then doing the drifter with a dread is also an option.
If you’re new to wormholes, I’d strongly suggest joining an experienced wormhole Corp. There’s a lot of mechanics you need to understand.


Regardless of any other factors, the Revelation is always the coolest choice, which is the most important thing…
I mean, come on:


But which does better in C5 Wormholes. Dreads or Marauders?

Define “better”?
Straight up damage output, dreads.
Being able to gtfo when new sigs spawn in system: subcaps.
It comes down to your personal risk appetite.
I can field a six ship multibox fleet for less than the cost of a single dread. I’ll clear sites faster than a single dread (probably faster than two dreads) too.
My ships come in at <1/3rd the cost of running Marauders, although six Marauders would run sites faster than my current setup.
There is no one clear answer to that question.

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Can 2 marauders solo a C5 sleeper site in a WH? If not, how many marauders to take on a C5 wormholes as well as two minmatar dreads doing it?

They’ll need to be pretty blingy and I think a refit is involved for the Drifter. I’m not 100% sure as I don’t use Marauders.

Two Nags can do it, one fit with HAWs the other with cap guns and both with smartbombs to deal with the frigates.
Adding Marauders into the mix will just speed things up.

Again, be aware that the Upgraded Avengers, which only spawn when you warp capitals to the site, have great festering mountains of EHP. They work out at around ~ISK16/EHP. The rest of the Core Garrison is ~ISK125/EHP and the Drifter comes in at between ISK75/EHP and ISK125/EHP depending how much health it spawns with.


Which is faster 2 dreads or 2 marauders?

Depends if you fit them with MWD, AB, and weight reduction mods.

You can simulate fits and see which 2 will get you optimal m/s.

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sorry. Clarification. Which is faster at clearing a C5 sleeper site. 2 Dreads or 2 Marauders?


You’re one of those isk/hr optimization fellows! My bad.

I found Visa and Mastercard to both be equally as good for optimizing isk/hr. They will get you about 4 to 200 bil isk per credit card swipe (a credit card swipe is about 10 seconds). I haven’t found anything that is more efficient than Visa and/or Mastercard.

Discover can be a bit finicky, and not that reliable. Stay away from American Express. It’s absolute garbage.

I hope thar helps.


The dreads will have an additional ~3,750,000 EHP to chew through from the Avengers, but the dreads will finish off the Drifter faster than the Marauders will.

I can say that 2x Marauders would come it at under half the cost of 2x Dreads.

I’ve only ever used a Dread to kill the Drifter after clearing the site with subcaps. A Naglfar or Phoenix with decent skills can do the Drifter in a single siege cycle (use Thermal on the Shields, switch to EM when in Armour).

I honestly do not know which would work out faster overall.

If I had to take bets, I’d try two Phoenix Navy Issues. I’ve made some tests on SiSi when it was still available, and the application even on smaller ships was brutal.

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That is how I choose to play with my limited time. Some people want trillions of isk. Some people have zero desire for isk, and play day to day in pvp for a ship. Some people play pve only and mine. Some people play the market and make lotsa money. Some people build ships and haul. This is how i want to play.

Sorry if you don’t like it but an honest answer would of been preferred.

You’re game play is your game play.

I’m simply stating that the most efficient method to optimize isk/hr is swiping a credit card.

Otherwise grinding out isk in some repetitive fashion is akin to a job. And you admitted yourself that you have limited time to play. So why would you want to treat the game as a second job trying to optimize grinding out C5’s with a pair of (insert ships here) when you can literally get 4-200 bil isk for the fraction of the time? Which would then free you to actually enjoy the game and play it at your pace instead of feeling pressured into making isk?

sorry. I agree. And thank you for being nice.

My advice is this.

Instead of trying to clear out sites ASAP,

How about, enjoy playing it. Use a ship that you like. Not one that is the current meta for optimal isk/hr.

Play around with it. Make mistakes. Find your beat.

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