Ships for C4 ratting?

Anything works pref rattle or nightmare but im just curious to see what other people are using?

Why do you want to rat in a C4.

C3s and C5s are petter ISK/h.

Ideally you’ll be running at least two accounts as the Sleepers have some hella neuts on them. most subcap WH ratting is done with either tinker rattles (local rep, tinker cap transfers) or nestors (a leshak is optional, but highly recommended. Nestor/Shook setups have the advantage of being light on WH mass if you go and krab your static). Tinker Dominix can do C4s, tinker Myrmidons could probably do C4s although I haven’t tried it.
A passive shield regen Rattlesnek can also work, but tends to be kind of slow.
Note that tinker cap-transfer setups DO NOT WORK in Cataclysmic Variable wormholes.

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220mil praxis can run integrated terminus sites solo, but money is bad. Integrated terminus is a joke. (Veldspar though)

2 RR-leshaks can run command posts (3RR, 1 large smartbomb), barracks and info sanctums (7-8 minutes per site, 90mil blue loot each) and the easy relic/data site (trinary hub, evac center), get AB and 4 RR for info sanctums and MJD for the rest. Conversion module and Digital Nexus final wave is hard pass, don’t touch.

Ideally you only run info sanctums/barracks, command posts have 3 RR-BS in last wave. If your dps is low, you’ll feel it.

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Use a marauder :grin: :v:

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