C5 ratting Barghest


I want farm c5 in Barghest. Someone of you have a Good fit for it? In additional, do you know how many isk per hour can I have with Barghest in C5?

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I wouldn’t recommend using a BS to rat with in a C5 system at least not alone, if you really want to Solo and make the big ISK you’ll have to use a Dreadnought. In Class 4 and above WH systems the ISKs comes from Escalating the anomalies, I’m not saying it wouldn’t be possible but it would be hard and ineffective at best.

The Barghest is primarily a PvP ship… there may be some PvE activities where it could be used, however if you want my honest opinion C5 anomaly farming is probably not one of them.

Dreadnought is very Good but I live in c4 with static c5 when I cant pass into c5 with that big ship

You need a pair of cap transfer Rattlesnakes, or “maybe” a blinged marauder if you only have one char.

+1 to dual cap-transfer rattlesnakes

also good hole control and situational awareness, though still will die eventually

don’t listen to this guy who has no idea what he’s talking about. As of the most recent patch to capital escalations in high class Jspace, The escalations are the smallest part of the bounty. The ISK comes from completing the site and killing the drifter, not from the escalation.

You can dual box them in Rattlesnakes or Nestors, or solo them in dreads. Those 2 options are the most optimal isk/hr possible unless you’re dual boxing dreads in 2 cycles.

Try to get your point across without insulting others @Geostrike

Previous to the price increase, I was ratting Sansha 6/10 no problem with Barghest and low skills but I strongly urge you not to use this ship for that. I can’t spend an hour ratting in hisec without getting ganked when I use these. They just look way too pretty on someones KB. I honestly don’t fly these anymore. They aren’t that special now. If you really want to make use of it, Pvp fleets or better yet INCURSIONS. That’s where it’s at for Barghest. Warp to us -and the likes have generally opened up to allowing Barghests to participate. Have fun!

Wrong! Only class 5 and 6 have capital escalation mechanics. Class 4 relic and data sites are still broken.

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