C5 Solo Farm


I live in wormhole and have static to C3 and C5. I want start farming in C5. I don’t have marauders yet so what a ship will be good for C5 farming solo? Rattlesnake is enough? Do you have other idea?

What a marauder for PVE in C5 will be the best in your opinion?

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Alex Winchest

Rattlesnake/Nestor only in 2+ setup. Solo way - Paladin(best from maradeurs) and very strange farm on Barghest(I’m sure that c3 isk/hour will be highter). If you have C3 you can farm it on VNI/rattlesnake/T3 and get about 150-170kk/hour.

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solo? no way. use dual nestors/rattles/marauders.

otherwise its just not efficient enough. you will make more in c3

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