How many Marauders do I need to take on a C5 Sleeper site optimally?

I have 3 different accounts linked to 1 email address. I can only train up 2 Marauders on 2 accounts for C5 WH Sleeper sites, since I need my 3rd account for scanning WHs and C5 sites.
My question is, is 2 Marauders on 2 accounts enough to solo C5 sleepers with my third account for scanning or is that not enough? Also, is 3 Marauders at the same time way better than just 2, or is 2 good enough?
I cannot get a 4th account so I want to know whether to train up my 3 accounts differently, like for cynos and mining.

A Marauder with the correct fit can do C5 sites solo, it will just take a while. So two of them will obviously be able to do them as well. But also obviously 3 Marauders will be faster than 2. Entirely up to you.


1 with the right fit, but if anyone shows up and apply some dps on you, it will break your tank, specially if you are neuted by the carrier
2 for you to run faster and get out before someone shows up

Well, it also depends a bit on the content you want to farm:

  • Your own hole? You can close all connections and use 3 Marauders, one on each account. It will obviously be the fastest way to farm. Faster farming means less time undocked, less time for others to roll into your hole and aggress yo. It also increases your safety a bit because anyone wanting to engage you will need a significant force to aggress 3 Marauders at once. You can even run the site in PvP fittings when having three ships, since you don’t need to tank the NPCs for long (you simply kill them pretty quickly). And 3 Marauders in PvP fits are not an easy nut to crack for a random invader.

  • Foreign hole? Having one scout in a CovOps is of real value here. You can use it to scout your way back, have an eye in neighboring systems to check for dangerous presence and quickly make multiple safespots in the system you want to farm. Or just in case that someone camps you in, you can log off all your ships and scan yourself a new chain back home the next day.

If I train my 3 accounts with 3 marauders, how do I scan to WH exits and entrance’s without a dedicated scanning ship? Is the only way to go with 4 accounts?

Also how many Marauders is optimal or the sweet spot for farming C5s?

This question looks to me as if you had zero idea how to live in a WH. You obviously have a Homebase in either an own C5 wormhole or in another wormhole with an C5 static exit. All your pilots should have scanning skills and the ability to fly a CovertOps ship. And of course you scan and bookmark all your routes before you even begin farming.

Edit: Do you even know that from just running the sites you won’t get a single ISK? You will have to tractor in all the wrecks, claim all the loot and salvage whats left. Then you will have to protect all that, bring it back to your homebase. Protect that homebase as long as you store it there. Then scan yourself a route to K-space, bring all your loot to an NPC-station (which is sometimes camped by Tornado Gankers), sell all the loot there. Also sell or use the salvage parts for production to make profit out of them.

There is no such “sweet spot”. I have run C5 sites in a fleet of 8 Marauders (real people) and that was pretty convenient, quick and safe. Does it make “8” to a sweetspot? Every account you have to multibox makes the activity faster but also more stressful in micromanaging the clients, I personally would never go for more than 2 Marauders in the sites and 1 semi-afk scout/scanner alt somewhere.

You can have escape frigates in the marauders in their Frigate Escape Bay wink wink

But I would not bring 3 Marauders to a WH while being a day tripper, you gotta be all set in a WH corp, they will have alts checking stuff for you etc

I run c5 sites in my bearhole using a seven account setup.

1x Buzzard to scan down new sigs and make warpin bookmarks at sites.
1x Eos for links and to be the drone bunny to pop frigates.
1x Nestor for main reps and some drone dps.
4x Leshaks for mainline dps and secondary reps.

I run a one-up, one-down capchain with the Nestor and Shooks.

I run sites + Drifter faster than my bearhole buddy with 2x Paladins, but slower than a 3x Marauder setup. If i whelp the whole fleet, it’s still cheaper than 2x Paladins (but not by much).

I only run sites in my bearhole. Krabbing in the static with an open chain is just begging to get jumped.

I’m slowly training the Krab’Fleet into Paladins.

“I only run sites in my bearhole. Krabbing in the static with an open chain is just begging to get jumped.”

What is a ‘bearhole’ and what is an open chain? Do you mean that there are different types a c5s and one of them is static?

You are saying going to a static c5 is too dan9gerous but you do c5s in somewhere different in WH space. Just trying to clarify.

I am planning this for in 2 years, so any help I am grateful for.

you can solo these:

one up one down capchain is when you use cap transfers in a fleet, one cap transfer he applied on the pilot on above him in the fleet list and the other cap transfer on the pilot bellow him, we are talking about the fleet in the Fleet chat channel

Then the first person in the chat caps up to the last person and caps down to the second
The second pilot caps up the first and caps down the third and so on

This way he makes sure he generates infinite capacitor for the whole fleet, this is specially important in wormholes for pve and pvp too

Well nobody can even tell you if anything of what we are saying today will be possible in two years. Planning for so long in advance can easily end in a huge disappointment if CCP changes things in between that make all your plans null and void because they won’t work any more. Or other options are much better then.

There’s a lot you’ll need to learn if you don’t want to become a juicy killmail the first time Lazerhawks, NoVac, Synde or Hole Control roll into your chain.

So, some basic nomenclature:

Bearhole/Krabhole: a system used by a small number of people for the purpose of generating ISK.

Bearing/Krabbing: the act of making isk in your bearhole. Bearing is a play on words of being a “carebear”, a derisive term used for hisec dwellers.

Static: every wormhole has a known “static” connection. When that connection is closed, a new wormhole will spawn in the system in about a minute. C2 and C4 wormholes have two static connections. My bearhole is a C5 with a C5 static, so there’s always a wormhole leading to another c5 system in my bearhole. To Krab in your Static means running sites in your static connection. Sealing off your static can be a non trivial exercise.

Roll static: deliberately collapsing your static wormhole to generate a new connection. This is usually done with either a carrier or a bunch of specifically fit battleships.

Chain: the “chain” of wormholes connected to your system.

Open Chain: your system is accessible through the chain for anyone who happens to wander in. It should be obvious why this is not a desirable state of affairs when you have multi billion ISK marauders locked in place, either scrammed by the Sleepers or by your own Bastion module, in a d-scannable site.

Closed Chain: you have rolled off all wormholes in your system. You scan and bookmark your new static connection but DO NOT JUMP the hole. This gives you a couple of hours before the k162 exit becomes scannable in the destination system. This effectively seals you off from the rest of the game for a limited period. HOWEVER! You are not 100% safe. Wandering wormholes can, and do, spawn or your system could become the new “static” of another system. Keeping a close eye out for new sigs and rolling off unwanted connections as fast as possible is key to safety.

I’d strongly suggest joining an experienced wormhole Corp if this style of play interests you. There is a lot you need to learn.


I think he owes you 1 billion ISK right now for the 1+1 WH lesson :), good job.

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