Ratting C5

Hello there o7.

I would like to live in c5 for work purposes. I know it’s a lot of work.
Unfortunately, I have a few dilemmas how to go about it.

How to live? POS with Force Field or Fortizar?
What is easier / safer to maintain? Apart from fuel (and core in the case of Fortizar), do you still need to maintain these structures somehow?

Ships. Soon I will be able to fly the Naglfar with a T2 fit (2 months) but I started thinking about the Leshak + Nestor Combo.
Will One Leshak and Nestor be able to make anomalies in C5? Of course with the drifter. Or would I rather need 2 Leshaks and Nestor?

I know the safety rules, rolling, criticizing, etc. But I don’t know how to go about it - that’s why I do research. I want to do it myself, not with corp.

Greetings o7

PS. Sorry if I wrote it in the wrong section

What can tell me about Marauder class ships? Can they do C5 anomallies solo (including drifter)?

See you on zkillboard.


Both works, Astrahus is cheap and has all the QOL you need.

2 Nestors can do all normal sites, then start adding Leshaks.

If you ask like that, propably get a corp, you are missing a ton of knowledge.

What can tell me about Marauder class ships? Can they do C5 anomallies solo (including drifter)?
Solo Marauder can clear sites, but NOT Drifter. Buffs for Marauders will be really strong.
Nestor Leshak is better, if you cant kill Drifter with an extra Dread.

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I said it wrong. I know how to rolling/crit wh.
“I don’t know how to go about it” - the point is how to start living there. What structures to put up, etc.

Astrahus should be good if I keep BS ships. But if I want Naglfar to dock there, I must have Fortizar there, right?

Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about the industry. If I want to build Naglfar myself, can I do it in Fortizar or do I need something else?

I hope noone want burn my hole if i will farmer only.

Large POS does also work for less ISK. If you have a Astrahus, you can warp over and repair for free.
Fortizar is better, but its also 10+b. If you have ISK do it, but its not needed.

I would just import capitals. Look for Low/Null WH, check public contracts and jump. Its a fair price and you save a ton of time.

Sooner or later they will. You are free loot, if you cant defend. But will you make the ISK back in time? Propably. Just dont get salty if you get evicted. Its part of the deal.

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I think i understand.

Thanks a lot:)

Guys I have last question, which type of wormhole should i choose?
WR - (if i ll start with Nestors/Leshak) bad choise if i want farm with Naglfar in the future.
Pulsar - same with Nestors/Leshak
So what?
Magnetar will be… often visited i guess
Catalismic? Or maybe without any bonus ??

My cheap fit Naglar can still farm a WR. Think i have a B-Type shield boost amplifier, rest is T2.

Problem with WR is, that people can gank you with small ships and you will have trouble fighting them. But your clear time stays the same.
The Armor Buffer is nice for Nestor/Leshak and i guess people will bother you less, cause nobody really likes WRs

Join a WH group first and learn the basics, there you can get all your questions answered accordingly.

Only when you know how the groups actively hunt, scout and manage the mapping can you roughly estimate what is important for you to be successful.

And one more thing, create many, many, many alts…

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I was in WH corp. I know rules, bonus effects. Sometimes we hunted for dreads too. I know how its looks like from ‘hunting side’ but i want to prepare to live there, using others ppl experience. I just need to know the best options which i can use. Still thinking what ll be better… Before caps - marauder or nestors, later which type of ship should i skill(dread), and finally which wormhole should i choose for all of this.

If you dont mind me asking here. What would you suggest as fit if i use 2x nestor 2x leshak in no effect c5? I ratted in catacalysmic before but thats quite different in terms of fitting

2 Nestors with 5 reps, 2 transfers can tank pretty much anything. DCU, Reactive Hardener, 2 faction membrans, fill rest with cap regen and dmg. You should find plenty on zKill. Doublecheck the tank with PYFA.

After that, add what you want. I like smartbombs on my Leshaks.

Hilarious, though a good word of warning.

Hey i have last question - Is it worth to use drugs for PVE ? Well they have bad effects too but dont know what to do with that

Depends, do you need them?
For Dreadratting its often useful to use the tracking drug. You have to consider yourself, if its worth the pricetag. Some people like the 5% dmg drug for normal ratting.

Sometimes i have problem with frigs. Some of them died from smartbombs, some have rep and i need to shoot them. With other ships i have no problem.
Well i can shoot this frigs but its only about time. I dont need this boost af, but if my rep ll works bad (-25%) i think its bad idea

Which ship are you currently using?
To break the Keeper frigs you need 2 Smartbombs. With a Dread i usually refit to HAW guns + web + Grappler + TP (maybe 2 TP or 2 web, dont remember). My Naglfar always uses the tracking drug, cause the side effects dont stop me from running the site and with the drug i need 1 cycel less, so its a huge payoff.

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