I want to tackle C5 sites with a golem and a paladin multiboxed

I already can fly a golem, but on my second account I am making a paladin within a year or two. The problem is all the fits i see use smartbombs and none use target painters and grapplers.

I plan to dual box a fully capable Golem with my future Paladin and was wondering if anyone had a 2 maruader paladin fit for a C5 WH site. Any recommendations?

I would skip the paladin for a cap to get the extra escalation

Can a marauder of choice and a cap (which cap) solo any c5 sleeper site?

Look up ashy in space fits. Just keep in mind without a dread now you cannot kill the drifter so you can forget the refit.

If you don’t have capital dreads, just 2 marauders, how much isk is lost by not killing the drifter and just doing the rest of the c5 sleeper site?

If you are only going to do two marauders - a golem is the worst accompaniment for the paladin possible. The only thing it is going to apply well to will be the battleships, while both are going to struggle with cruisers, but paladin will apply better and there wont be a drifter to gain the benefit of rage torpedoes and selectable damage type.

If you are are going to do another marauder, another paladin or a vargur would be better, while a vargur will apply vastly better to the cruisers

That depends on how you run. If you intend to go for hours and clear the hole of all anoms either way, then you’re losing half your income per hole.

If you just intend to hit X amount of isk from the hole, it’s not as big of a deal. The drifter escalation could increase your isk/hr efficiency depending on which sites were available, but it’s relative to how well you apply and what fits you’re using. Ashy’s designs, for example, use different fits for the site and the drifter, so your isk/hr is being impacted by refit times, especially if you’re relying on a depot to refit instead of something cloaky with a fleet hangar.

The golem was probably the hardest hit by the change, since it excelled at eliminating the drifter thanks to selectable damage, but struggled to clear the smaller ships quickly because of how missile application works. In conjunction with a turret marauder, I often found my golem wasting missile volleys. Sometimes to overkill when the other guy got a wrecking shot near the end, sometimes to his smart bombs when he forgot to stagger them.

you lose 100% of your isk if you run zero sites