Best Fitting to kill Sleepers?

What is the best fitting to kill Sleepers? What ship to use as Amarr?

Oï mate !
Since sleepers deal omnidamage, and tank all four damage as good, any weapon system is good. Pick the turret or missile in which you have the best skills to do the most damage :slight_smile:
However, drones have a more advanced AI compared to NPC rats in Known space, and they will very often target your drones, so drone boats like Vexor or Arbitrator will have a lesser efficiency (unless you use sentries at extreme range, but you’ll still be less efficace).

The question of the ship is highly dependent on which tier of wormhole you’re planning to try. If you’re new to wormhole space, a Prophecy in a C1 will teach you the basics.
If you’re feeling ballsy and want to try a C2 or C3, an Armageddon could be interesting, with RR modules on the high to repair your drones.

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Some people consider Paladin to be the optimal ship for solo PvE in C4.

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That wouldn’t be something I’d recommend for someone without near perfect skills in Gunnery, and low experience in wormholes. To be useful in a Paladin, you need to bling it, and only the hull alone cost 1 billions 700 mil ISK in Jita (lowest price in the cluster, according to EVE-Market Data), certainly not a ship I would risk in hightier wormholes, even more a Marauder.

The problem with Marauder is that they need to be in Bastion mode to get most of their efficiency, and being immobile without support in a hightier wormhole is just asking to be attacked. And even if they have massive tanks and repping capabilities, without CONCORD around, or even a fleet capable of repelling a fleet strong enough to take on a Marauder, the fight is just going to be extremely long for the same result : you loose a battleship as expensive as some capitals.

That is truth. But OP asked two simple questions and I gave him an answer. May be his team is good in rolling holes, maybe he just want to get ganked… He did not asked “how should I do WH PvE in optimal way”. He asked for the fit against sleepers and he want to fly amarr. Thats all.
How to be successfull in WH PvE is a very different story.

Thank you

You are right. Can you tell me how should I do WH PVE?

your question requires further specifics in order to be answered properly.

-system class (C1, C2, etc…)
-is it for daytripping or for long term stay
-what ship sizes you can pilot

the “best fitting” is relative because you’re not providing details about the vessel you want to fly or which class of Sleepers you want to fight and where.

I am also honest when I am telling you that whenever you need to a question like “give mah fit for x” ask yourself and be honest to yourself:

Am I ready to fly x and should I really go there?

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