Whats the optimal Amarr lv4 or wormhole ship and fitting?

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Hey there.

I plan on doing some pve, but I’ve been out of the loop for many years so I have to ask. I can fly all non-cap Amarr ships. What ship class is better when bringing a laser show on heretic npc’s?

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paladin works for l4s navy apoc and armagedon as well for wh paladin can work i just dont think it is optimal ship for those and it depends from wh size / type i guess.

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Mina is basicly right.

All Amarr BS’ work solid for Amarr L4. Abaddon for close range, everything else may be best used to snipe from afar (Im looking at you NApoc). As for the Paladin it really doesn’t matter, the thing is nearly indestructible.

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Thanks guys

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Don’t overlook the nightmare.

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Here’s the thing, the answer to your question is that there is not best fitting for one ship. All of the mentioned ships here fly very different or don’t fly a lot (they have other strengths than speed).
Another thing is that we don’t know what you like.

Only you know what you like. I can give you a strawberry ice cream sandwich but it turns out, you like banana ice cream more and that without the sandwich.

The thing I am telling people a lot is that you have to find your fit because it has to work for you. Play with the simulator a bit, you can try everything before you buy.

Good luck!

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If you have the ISK Paladin my be best overall.

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