Amarr pve ships or faction ship

Looking for advice into training.
Currently looking for maybe navy ships or idk what ships are still good for amarr to run missions in.
Is any pirate faction good with amarr ship bonusses.
I dont need rattlesnake or gila advice. Trying something new for once xd

If you are looking for PVE laser boats at the navy/pirate level, it’s hard to beat the nightmare. Good for incursions, good for mission sniping, about the same price as the navy apoc.


Yeach seen it. I only have to train into shield skills more.
Been busy with armor alone.

It all depends on what skills you have and how much Skilltime you want to invest.

If you have very Amarr centric Skills (Lasers, Armor Tanking, Amarr Ships) the easiest to access is a Navy Apoc. Its easy to fit and effective. If you love drones and have some good Drone skills you can try a Navy Geddon which is harder to fit.

Beyond that you can access anything else at the expense of skill time for racial ship skills, shield tanking and other weapon systems.

Besides some differences in effectiveness and playstyle all Navy/Pirate BS can get the job done. My tip is look around whats available and think about what style of play you prefer and what weapons would be fun for you to use and choose the ship based on that. And if your skills are limited start out with a Navy Apoc and move on to your desired ship from there.



Nightmare. Worth training shields for. AB bonus ftw. dps projection good.

Paladin - king of amarr pve

Paladin, Paladin, Paladin. If you can’t swing the Paladin go Nightmare.

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paladin paladin paladin. If you are a slaver go navy geddon, as already mentioned.

Paladin is probably my favorite ship. Nightmare is a bit of a step down, but far cheaper to get into, and a huge step up from the amarr t1 bs.

the amarr navy ships just don’t to much for me, but sounds like they are getting a balance pass this summer. so they could be worth picking up now while amarr FW is at tier 4

navy geddon can be fit as a damage monster, but you run into range problems with pulse, or fitting room problem with tachs. maybe a megabeam fit would work? I haven’t really looked at it in a while.

the t1 bs are just kinda meh. they’re alright but they are pretty boring imo. Fine if you are a new player just trying to learn the missions, but if you have experience you probably want to go for the nightmare.

Paladin and nightmare

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