LF Level 4 Mission Ship + Fit (Focus Amarr)

Hey Forums,

I recently started doing (Amarr) Level 4 Missions with an Apocalypse. That ship however is no fun to fly, it’s slow and it takes AGES to chew through missions and I had more than one close call due to shitty cap (Support-Skills are on V) and stuff. It had around 860DPS with TS Mega Pulses + Mid T2 Drones. I have an Alt with a Noctis cleaning up after me, and a Marauder is out of my reach for now.

My Class of choice would be more around the medium ships (Cruiser/Battlecruiser), as those get at least some kind of speed instead of slowboating around and are faster to skill in a decent manner. Is there a viable ONI (Omen Navy Issue) or HaNI (Harbinger Navy Issue) L4 fit or do you have an alternative suggestion?

Bonus Information:

  • Flying them with a Friend in another ONI
  • Drone Skills are rather high.

If you have an alternative suggestion, please hit me up.

A cruiser or battlecruiser will probably be going backwards in terms of missioning efficiency (unless it’s a strategic cruiser). Without seeing your fit I can only guess, but it sounds like maybe you don’t have a propulsion module or lack damage application?

You should be able to get fairly decent range through pulse lasers, but again - I’d probably need to see your fit. If you salvage as you go and prefer mission clears working towards a Paladin should be your end goal.

An interim step might be something like a Nightmare which has good damage application and maneuverability. You get maximum damage from the role bonus and you only need to train into Caldari Battleship I to be able to utilize it.

Oh, sorry, I forgot.

I’m not all about efficiency. I’m all about having some fun with a pal, get some standings and some change from mining all the time.

[Apocalypse, HBS Obliteration]
Imperial Navy Heat Sink
Imperial Navy Heat Sink
Imperial Navy Heat Sink
Centus X-Type Armor EM Hardener
Centus X-Type Armor Thermal Hardener
Large Armor Repairer II
Damage Control II

Tracking Computer II
Tracking Computer II
Dark Blood Heavy Capacitor Booster, Navy Cap Booster 800
Republic Fleet Large Cap Battery

True Sansha Mega Pulse Laser, Imperial Navy Multifrquency L
True Sansha Mega Pulse Laser, Imperial Navy Multifrquency L
True Sansha Mega Pulse Laser, Imperial Navy Multifrquency L
True Sansha Mega Pulse Laser, Imperial Navy Multifrquency L
True Sansha Mega Pulse Laser, Imperial Navy Multifrquency L
True Sansha Mega Pulse Laser, Imperial Navy Multifrquency L
True Sansha Mega Pulse Laser, Imperial Navy Multifrquency L
True Sansha Mega Pulse Laser, Imperial Navy Multifrquency L

Large Auxiliary Nano Pump I
Large Auxiliary Nano Pump II
Large Semiconductor Memory Cell II

Hammerhead II x5

Imperial Navy Multifrequency L x8
Navy Cap Booster 800 x5

Hardeners are mission Specific, and I managed to snag a few of those X-Types for cheap.

Yeah, you’re lacking a propulsion module (I’d drop the cap booster). You might find you get a lot better damage mitigation with a reactive armor hardener over the damage control. I’d also be scripting the tracking computers for optimal range if you haven’t done that already.

A Deadspace large armor repairer (Core X-Type) is a great investment and will serve you well. I think you’ll find a Nightmare would be a good eventual upgrade (you get 25% more damage with half the turrets and capacitor requirement).

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I’m toying with the Idea of the Nightmare or the Navy Apoc. The Navy Apoc would have an Extra Low for even more pew, and the Nightmare would be a Shield Ship, wouldn’t it?

Shield or armor. You can run a fairly effective fit with three armor modules, too (EANM, RAH and Deadspace armor rep). Remember that most of your tank is actually the damage projection. Two damage modules and an aerator rig will get you close to three damage modules. Plus all the mids allow for a lot of capacitor and range so you can easily run a cap stable fit with your armor rep constantly running.

Why the Aerator Rig over the Collision Accelator? ROF = Faster Damage Projection over the Heavier Hitting Projection via the Collision Accelerator?

I’m genuinely Curious, havent Played for a while, and DC was a must have back then.

I like the Aerator rig as it’s the only way to increase rate of fire aside from adding more damage modules (you can overheat to increase damage). I break my weapons into two groups so I can snipe smaller ships at a faster rate (typically one half of your weapons array is usually enough for frigates and destroyers).

In PvE a reactive armor hardener will give you more “bang for your buck” compared to a damage control. The RAH provides variable damage protection and you’ll usually get between 30-60% against specific damage types.

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Good to know. Thank you, that explanation makes sense.

I’ve simulated a fit together with some… Insecurities. Mind having a look?

[Nightmare, *Simulated Nightmare]
Imperial Navy Heat Sink
Imperial Navy Heat Sink
Imperial Navy Heat Sink
Reactive Armor Hardener
Centus X-Type Large Armor Repairer
Imperial Navy Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane

100MN Afterburner II
Republic Fleet Large Cap Battery
Republic Fleet Large Cap Battery
Cap Recharger II
Cap Recharger II
Cap Recharger II
Cap Recharger II

True Sansha Tachyon Beam Laser
True Sansha Tachyon Beam Laser
True Sansha Tachyon Beam Laser
True Sansha Tachyon Beam Laser

Large Energy Burst Aerator I

Imperial Navy Multifrequency L x4

Hammerhead II x5

It would be Capstable, 1011.8 DPS, 127.4 hp/s repair rate with resists of 69/60/54/51.

Thank you already for taking your time to help me out.

The fit looks fairly decent. I would only offer a few suggestions:

• A Gist X-Type 100MN Afterburner is only 35m; this will give you more speed with less capacitor use.
• You can save a bit of ISK by going with a third T2 heat sink instead of a Faction version (the damage loss is negligible). Similarly, you may be able to run with T2 cap batteries which will give you the same result while bringing the cost of your fit down.
• If you can swing it (through implants, etc.) a tracking-speed scripted T2 tracking computer will help your Tachyons apply damage better against smaller targets. The Nightmare already gets a tracking bonus so depending on your engagement range you may or may not benefit from this.
• A Core X-Type large armor repairer will give you slightly less armor repair for less capacitor usage. It will also be less in price. With the Gist X-Type this could be enough to reduce your capacitor usage enough to free up a mid slot.

Use the simulation fitting in EVE (or Pyfa) to play around with the fit before you commit. This can save you a lot of ISK, bring the total cost of your fit down and make you less of a juicy gank magnet.


I do have those Heatsinks lieing around from the Apoc, so there’s no extra Investment for that :slight_smile:

Implants - Full set of Genolutions through their original giveaway, +5% Rep Asklepian in Slot 5
Slot 6 - Cap Systems Operation (5%)
Slot 7 - Evasive Maneuvering (5%)
Slot 8 - Zor’s Custom Nav Hyper Link (10%)
Slot 9 - Surgical Strike (4%)
Slot 10 - Large Energy Weapons (5%)

With your Changes I can drop a Cap recharger for a Tracking Comp and am stable at around 2.8%. T2 Cap batteries gets the Ship unstable and run out in around… 40 minutes.

Edit: I have two rig slots free.

Keep in mind that you won’t be firing or maneuvering all the time, either. 40 minutes is usually plenty for the average mission. One advantage with the Nightmare is that you can also run a pair of small tractor beams in the highs to help with salvage.

Your fit looks fairly solid, though.

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Just discovered a slight issue. T2 Large Cap Batteries = Not enough PG, by 220PG overload, while faction works fine.

Well, they’re “just” 30 mil per battery.

Yeah, that is sometimes the downside to running T2 gear (CPU and powergrid). If you can swing the Faction and they do the trick, then definitely go that route (as you pointed out, they’re not a huge investment).

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Since I have two more rig slots left, with 150 free calibration - Cap or bigger Tank?

Edit: With a CCC II I’d free up another Mid for a Sebo for Locking Time Reduction…

That’s always a good choice as well.

I am only a fairly new player and have low alpha skills. I use a Amarr Prophecy which if you have high drone skills could be a good fit. I use heavy missiles as secondary damage dealing. I don’t use rig or module that slows down speed and with my low skills a 10mn Mono afterburner gives 430ms.
After that it is a matter of getting a tank to gank ratio that you are happy with. On most missions I can fit in two drone damage amplifiers. I just ensure I have the right resistance modules fit for the particular mission.
Total fit ship plus gear T1 and bits and bods found on missions 55 mil. Not the fastest clear but no real problems.
My rule of thumb is can I undock what I have created in the fitting tool and simply self destruct. If I can’t hand on heart not flinch at that then it is back to the drawing board.
I find it fun to fly as with my skill limitations I have to learn to fly better.

fly safe and most importantly have fun.

Sorry Dex, just had a look at your nightmare fit, the low slots are pretty much right, but the rest is not. You do not need cap stability. You do not even need 40 mins of cap. You can get away with about 5 mins with all on, as you will not normally have everything running anyway.

Switch from faction beams to t2 pulse.
Get rid of 4 of the 6(!) cap mids, replace with 3 tc’s (2 scripted for range, 1 for tracking) and a sebo (scripted for scan res).

You should be almost exclusively flying against em/therm rats, so your tank will hold fine. Your pulses should be able to hit everything but the smallest ships as you skip around with your AB.

Heya Bigpuns. T2 Pulses are not in my Skill Range now - Thats why I opted for Faction, considering their relative low cost. Cap Mids are already toned down to a SeBo (Resolution Script) and two TC scripted to Tracking.

T2 or T3 cruisers, speed tanking etc… But you will still have less DPS, than proper mission running BS.

I think an interesting alternative could be Machariel. Fast (also high warp speed), close range weaponary… Go mission blitzing?