Amarrian L2 Mission Runner

I have created a 2nd character and am doing level 2 missions in Amarrian space. I am currently using the fit below but sometimes it struggles for tank in level 2 missions, I wanted to get some advise on the ship fit but also on skills I should concentrate on in order to deal with them better.

I actually have the standings to do level 3 missions but certainly need more skills before I get into a ship for that, not sure if an Omen or a Maller would be better for level 3, any constructive advise welcome

[Coercer, .]
Small ACM Compact Armor Repairer
Multispectrum Coating II
Multispectrum Coating II

Small Compact Pb-Acid Cap Battery
1MN Monopropellant Enduring Afterburner

Dual Anode Light Particle Stream I
Dual Anode Light Particle Stream I
Dual Anode Light Particle Stream I
Dual Anode Light Particle Stream I
Dual Anode Light Particle Stream I
Dual Anode Light Particle Stream I
Dual Anode Light Particle Stream I
Dual Anode Light Particle Stream I

Small Semiconductor Memory Cell I
Small Energy Collision Accelerator I
Small Energy Metastasis Adjuster I

Radio S x9
Microwave S x8
Infrared S x3
Standard S x9
Gamma S x3
Multifrequency S x9

For L3s I would seriously consider a Battlecruiser. Yes a Cruiser can do them, but you always have a tradeoff:

  • if you want to do the missions from long range (beam laser fit), you can fly with very little tank since most of the NPCs won’t hit you. But Beamlaser+LongRange Ammo means pretty small overall damage output.

  • if you want to brawl to use PulseLasers you have the problem that a Cruiser often struggles to fit enough tank and cap modules to survive bad situation (multiple webs on you while still enough DPS is on the field). And when you fit for Tank+Cap, there is little Room for Damage Mods (unless you bling).

A Battlecruiser completely negates all this, since it has more fitting slots and a huge base capacitor. Also more Guns slots.

I would suggest to either fly a NavyOmen as Cruiser or a Harbinger as Battlecruiser if you want a Lasership. Fit the NOmen with an AB, Pulselasers and fight mostly with Scorch, you can evade almost all damage just by your small signature and Speed. Fit the Harbinger with Beamlasers, AB and MJD. Snipe everything from range while kiting with the AB and if anything bad happens get out of the situation with the MJD. Then again keep sniping as the NPCs fly towards you.

Don’t get me wrong, a well equipped & flown Omen or Mallers can for sure do L3s, but they will be considerable slower and harder to use than NOmen or Harbinger or even NavyHarbinger.

I am happy to aim for a BC for level 3, the Harbi looks like a good option so may well skip the cruiser. Thanks

I actually love the Pontifex for lvl 2’s/anoms/scanning. Range tank works the harder missions but msot be super easy and drones do good damage

but dragoon is just as good and less blingly.

ethier way drones your main weapon and the hull can salvage the same time while scanning. and you become a valuable asset in pvp with command boost/MJDing friends and foe’s!

Firstly, the Coercer.
It will struggle with some level 2 missions as you have found. It is very much all firepower at the cost of tank.
One option would be to look at swapping the small battery for a cap recharger - check the impact.
Also, remember that Standard Crystals use less capacitor than any other crystal.

Level 2 missions are really Omen territory - it’s faster than a Mallet though lighter armoured. Has more punch.

Level 3 missions are, as others have said, a playground for battlecruisers. I’d go with a Harbinger, probably beam fitted, but that’s my preference.

thanks all, i am aiming for the Harbinger as that is the closest I am to re training

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At one point I ran a Shield/Pulse Harbinger setup. It was very effective, but there was also significant pucker factor. I stopped running it after a couple days. Not recommended.

I would recommend not moving on just yet, this is a big mistake players make and I did myself back in the day. You need to have patience and train your fitting skills, I can tell yours arent that high based on fit. The second thing you need to do is learn the ship. This teaches you how to play to the mechanics of the game, bigger is not better in EVE.

Specifically the Coercer excels as a range kite that is your main method of survival not repairing the damage. For this you need to fit a MWD not AB, don’t be worried that your cap will not be stable you will not use the MWD constantly. An MWD is meant to move you to the correct position where you wont take damage, then be shut off. An AB fit on beam lasers is not a good combo, beams need range ABs don’t let you keep range.

The Cap battery is actually good imo I use it on my t1 abyssal coercer on my alt. Combine it with cap control rig for best result, the way the capacitor mechanics work larger reservoir with shorter recharge time give you best GJ per second than two of either on their own. In this case the battery is to make up for losing the MWD.

I would drop those rigs, use rigs for fitting first, then cap. It is more efficient. For example the collision accelerator gives you a ten percent damage increase, but with increase pwg req of guns which is really bad especially. I would suggest using

Dual Anode LPS I x8

5mn MWD (compact if you need fitting, restrained if you can fit since it reserves less pwg)
lead acid battery

Energized Enam
armor repper (simiar rules apply use meta variants for efiiciency or speed requs as need.
Heat Sink

Rigs use
Ancillary current router if you need more Pwgd
overclocker if you need cpu
cap rechargers for all other slots

Use the MWD to keep at range, should be able to get 30km away with radio ammo. Don’t worry about lower dps, you make up for it in being able to keep up constant fires from range

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