Lvl 3 Security mission, Amarr cruiser fit

Hi there, I’m looking at being able to do some LVL 3 security missions and I was wondering if it would be possible to run them with a well fitted Amarr cruiser? I have the necessary skills to fly them and was hoping to avoid going up to a battlecruiser, battleship or anything more to not have to wait on skills. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Yes, you can run Level 3 missions with a well fitted and well flown cruiser. Given you really should have trained at least Amarr Cruiser to III by now because it is a great benefit to your ship performance, then training Amarr Battlecruisers is trivial. Then use either a Harbinger or a Prophecy depending on whether you were drone or turret focused before. You don’t need additional skills, Battlecruisers fit cruiser sized weapons (don’t use the Oracle for mission running - it’s got “issues”. Mainly a hull made of glass…) (Pretty ship though).
The other advantage is you can fit a Medium Micro Jump Drive which, after a spool up, jumps you 100km in one go. A GTFO option.

Some Level 3 missions do a lot of damage as you grind through targets. Those missions can easily swamp a cruiser if you get them a little wrong.
Yes, I’ve run Level 3 missions in a Destroyer, but that was a Triglavian kiting fit and “because I thought I could” rather than “because it was a good idea”!

If you are happy with your current cruiser fit (what is it?) then it might be worth dropping into a Level 3 mission with it, but be prepared to run if you have to and be careful over what you shoot (aggro management).

If you are waiting for training and need a change try Abyssal runs. A modest Omen can handle Calm Electrical filaments quite well. The loot from the wrecks of caches and extractors does add up nicely - 4-5m per run for a Tier 1 calm site. Beats mining for income.


There you go boi

[Omen Navy Issue, Omen Navy Issue]
Heat Sink II
Heat Sink II
Armor EM Hardener II
Armor Thermal Hardener II
Medium Armor Repairer II

Large Cap Battery II
10MN Y-S8 Compact Afterburner
Tracking Computer II, Tracking Speed Script

Heavy Pulse Laser II, Conflagration M
Heavy Pulse Laser II, Conflagration M
Heavy Pulse Laser II, Conflagration M
Heavy Pulse Laser II, Conflagration M
Small Tractor Beam II

Medium Energy Discharge Elutriation I
Medium Ancillary Current Router I
Medium Capacitor Control Circuit I

Valkyrie II x5

U can switch the armor resistances depending on npc u facing. Its cap stable. No blues or faction modules. Just skill to it. Id recomend the battlecruiser tho. The micro jump drive might save ur ass.

You do know Gnosis will give you all you need without training, don’t you? Same damage module as cruiser, but more DPS and more tank.

Personally, I also like the Oracle for L3s. More skill intensive due to T2 large pulse lasers, but Scorch L is amazing.

EVE University has a variety of fitting suggestions for all 3 Amarr cruisers:

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Terak, I always love your love for Amarr ships :slight_smile:

I would also suggest you train for a Harbinger or Prophecy. I prefer the Harbinger since you can project damage really far out and don’t need to reposition as much.

A level 3 Sansha Blockade will test your patience a lot and drones take forever to get there. Heavy beams can reach out to 108/121km (heavy beam laser II with Aurora M) with more alpha than a Ferox.
And you can fit a mjd to jump 100km in the direction you are facing - so range tanking is very viable.
For level 3 missions you should never need more than one medium armor repair module II.

Kiting Oracle ftw \o/
Faction guns can use advanced ammo now - So large beams + Aurora L = zappy goodness!

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Thanks everyone who has taken the time to give a response, I appreciate the info and help :slight_smile:


Across the three characters I run I’ve been a devout Amarrian player, definitely mainlining on the Empire’s ships. Eve is many things, an economic game, a combat game, a strategy game, a logistics game, a role playing game. I’ve always like the latter aspects - a whole virtual galaxy of factions and civilisations to play in.

Recently (the last year or so - that’s “recent” for Eve) I’ve started to fly ships from other factions in order to help recognise what I meet in combat.
Basically, since I normally fly an E-war support ship it’s very nice to use a turret disruptor on a gun ship rather than a missile boat, or massive Neuting on something that won’t laugh at it. And that requires good familiarity with likely targets. Without a big sheet of paper notes to distract you.

I’m familiar with Amarrian ships - the huge armour tanks, energy weapons where you avoid going into the cliff like fall off. Watching the capacitor carefully, instant range changing by swapping crystals, sailing sedately into battle blazing light with the wrath of an angry god. Swapping to something else, say an artillery armed shield ship, was a really disjointing experience. I’ve lost at least one in a mission because “shields? Pah! No worries!” Pop! The speed and agility of, especially, Minmatar ships is quite exciting. You can get meaningful hits in falloff! And you can suddenly be wondering “why is everyone so far away?”.
It’s a credit to CCP that the different faction ships feel different to fly.

But Amarr: they make them pretty.

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Too late, Romaller - you already revealed your tragic heresy. Expect the Inquisition. :slight_smile:

We are old acquaintances the Inquisition and I. You don’t spend a life in the defence of the Empire without gaining a little tarnish on the soul when circumstances demand it.
A price worth paying for the Glory of Amarr.

Perhaps, Xu, you fear them for what they may find out about you?

That was exactly the idea why I was suddenly interested in flying matar. Know your ships and be better for it.

So much agreed!!!

Certainly not! Only heretics and promoters of inferior thoughts and ways have reason to fear the justice of the glorious Amarr Empire’s most loyal servants whom we should all aspire to emulate!

I categorically deny any slanderous lies about me and denounce anyone maliciously spreading any absolutely false vicious rumours as being the disloyal attempting corruptors they are.

It is not for you, or I, to judge the truth or otherwise of any accusations made against you. Only God can do that through the good works of the Council. Submit to their judgement. In the meantime may I suggest not declaiming the allegations too violently as those of less firm faith may suspect you guilty of that which you deny.

After all, there’s no smoke without a good burning heretic.


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