Having trouble finding a good level 3 Amarr security mission ship

I want to breeze through level 3 security missions. The thing I don’t know is if level 3 security missions have ship restrictions. If only some of the missions restrict ships, is it only a few allowing me to make custom ships for those that restrict, or is it common for level 3 security missions to restrict battle ships or t3 cruisers or whatever else?

If I can select any ship to use then fine,

but if I can only use command ships/tech 2 assault cruisers/or combat battle cruisers, what is my best option for breezing through level 3 Amarr security missions without any risk and just mindless play?

Any help appreciated. Thank you.

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I used to blitz most L3 Security missions with a Shield Buffer Gank DPS Oracle. There were a few problematic missions with lots of tracking disrupting NPCs but in all other missions Scorch L made short work of the hostiles from up to 60 km away.

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A reasonably fitted Combat Battlecruiser - a T1 hull, with T2 weapons and a T2 active tank - will serve you well.

For Amarrian hulls, then the Harbinger is a good choice. Heavy Beams or Heavy Pulses - whichever suits your style really. An active tank - Armour Repairer. and you’ll be good.

The classic “easy ship” in this space is a Passive mission fitted Drake - I got one out of curiosity and yep, works nicely in a “basically boring” kind of way.


If I flew a marauder for l3 Amarr security missions would I run into battleship restricted missions?

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I was using Gnosis. It is not Amarr ship, however it can have armor tank and energy weapons which is something you will have trained if you started in amarr. It requires no skills you can fly it immediately.

No, A marauder can do Level 3 missions - I don’t recall any that are battleship gated: though there are some limited to small ships, or are best done with a small fast ship.

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