Question about level 3 mission

I was doing a level 3 security mission for transtellar shipping which had me clearing a site. What was odd was the names. All enemy ships in overview and on screen were listed as Amarr Raider or Heavy Amarr Raider. However, I was being neuted by an Imperial Tamir. I could not find one at all and started looking at the wrecks and noticing most now had a different name such as Divine Imperial Ambrose and such. Is that normal for level 3 missions? Here is a screenshot showing what was targeted, what was on my overview, and all of the wrecks.

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seems like a faction mission
you generally lose a bunch of faction standings for running those
that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t run them though
like the arthur dude explained in another thread
you can probably profit a lot by running anti-faction missions

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Its a faction NPC, they often have such horrible names. Ignore the names and kill them in a same manner
And unless you are a do gooder, do take faction missions, they are most profitable. who cares abput standing :slight_smile:

I didn’t know there were anti-faction missions. I have no problem doing faction ones as they pay well and I get LP but am curious about the anti-faction ones. Where would I find them?

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anti faction means anti empire missions, as many missions are against a specific faction.

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I suggest having the type column showing so you can see what you are actually shooting, as you have found the name doesn’t always give the info you want to see. I know there’s a few other missions with unhelpful ship names but the correct ship type, but its been long enough I don’t specifically remember which ones.

Looks like you already have it active just might want to make it a bit bigger

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Well, doesn’t matter if it’s against Pirate or non-pirate, they’re all Anti-Faction.

However for the sake of clarification, it can be divided into two classes, Anti-Empire and Anti-Pirate.

Anti-Empire are encounter missions against any of the Empire Factions whereas Anti-Pirate are encounter missions against any of the Pirate Factions.

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