Fast level 3 missions or slow level 4 missions?

Greetings, what you consider it’d be best? I can have access to almost all battlecruisers right now, not like the battleships, so I can maybe easily farm level 3 missions to farm standing, and furthermore faction standing, I’m planning to have good trade skills for Jita and Amarr, so I can sell/buy better in the markets.

I’m doing level 4 missions but it’s slow, my Dominix doesn’t run them that well, yes, I can tank them fairly nice, but I’m slow doing them, so…


Should I be doing level 3 missions to farm Faction and Corporation standing or just keep to level 4 as I’m doing right now?


You’ll always get more isk, loyalty points and agent/standing from lvl4.

Only if you can do 4 lvl3 or more would you match a lvl4.

I used to blitz lvl3 missions in a tengu for standing and in my experience, that was quicker than grinding level 4 missions.

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