If it's possible to do level 4 missions with an alpha what ship

I seriously want to try to pay for my account by doing missions

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Distribution missions sure, but I assume you’re thinking about security missions.

I’ve an alpha I was planning on trying some level 4’s with tomorrow, I’ll let you know how I get on.

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Its “doable” but i would say L3s will be better isk/hour in most cases. You can only fly Gnosis battlecruiser or Navy cruisers so your damage will be lacking for fast completion and you cant use T2 hardeners which might make tanking tricky.

Pretty much my thoughts on the matter.

Problem with your response here is that the question is not “IF” you can run level 4’s with an Alpha, the question is can you run them quickly and efficiently enough to plex an account. Vet moment here, I can run ALL of the level 4 missions in the game in an assault frigate that quite likely has more DPS, more tank and more speed than your alpha clone piloted Talwar and given the completion times I have there are not enough hours in the day to run enough missions to plex an account doing them. Well that is not really quite true, if I could dedicate most of my waking hours to running missions in EvE I could do it, but then I have a job and a family so that is not really possible.

Blitzing 4’s is the easiest way to make ISK with security missions but even then most of your income is from changing LP to ISK by buying items from the LP stores and then selling them on the markets. However I do not believe that an alpha with the ship and SP restrictions they face can effectively blitz level 4’s.

OP that brings us back around to Sara Starbuck’s response, if you want to try this with security missions then blitzing level 3’s may be the best chance you have. However you might be better off using a combination max warp speed / minimum align time indy and run level 4 distribution missions.

Here is a valuable link for anyone running missions in this game.
EvE Survival

Just did an easy level 4 mission in a 0.6 security system with an alpha toon using an ordinary Vexor fitted with T2 mods & using T1 drones.

It took me around 40 minutes & netted 6.2 million in mission rewards & bounties plus 800 thousand in loot (with an MTU so collecting it won’t add much time to the mission).

I used a long range speed & passive shield tanked drone fit with no turrets (only drone damage) to run the site afk so I’m sure you can improve on that time if you want :slight_smile:

Hope that’s helpful to you for deciding if you can be adequately efficient at level 4’s as an alpha o7

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do you have the fit for that ship

Sure… I haven’t deconstructed it yet so I can just go look.


Auto Targeting I
Drone Link I

10MN Monoprop
Large Extender II
Large Extender II
Limited Explosive Deflection I - or - Large Extender II

Drone Damage II
Drone Damage II
Drone Damage II
Drone Damage II
Overdrive Injector II

Defense Field Purger II
Defense Field Purger II
Drone Durability II

Valkyrie I
Vespa I
Vespa I
Vespa I
Warrior I

The rigs were already fitted (it’s an old hull I had lying around) or I might have chosen different ones.

Pirate faction was Angels. Obviously switch to appropriate shield deflector & drones for what you’re up against. I started with five Valkyrie but the socket closed on the first gate & they were gone when I got back so I carried on with the spares I had.

Do not try doing that. Buy a three-month subscription instead and just learn about and enjot the game without turning it into a job.

Playing as an Alpha can be a lot of fun, at least for half a year or so until you kind of hit the “skill sealing”.

Grinding ISK for a sub on an Alpha account can’t be fun, no way, just stay Alpha and use your ISK for ships.

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