Level 3/4 mission ship help

I’m looking for input from those who have used triglavian or gila to run level 3/4 missions. My alt is specialized into triglavian and can also fly gila relatively well with excellent drone skills. Can’t use t2 missles though so I’m thinking about trying a Vedmak for level 3s or maybe a Damavak for level 3 and 4s. Just wandering if anyone has used these ships for missions and if so what is it like, what sort of isk/hour did you see and is it something worth doing. Mostly doing missions to increase standings on my station Trader alt but being able to make some isk and LP is a nice Bonus. Any input is much appreciated.

There’s already some guides on these forums on what you are asking. With cruisers, you are probably looking to blitz missions.

I use a leshak-battleship and drekavac-battlecruiser for lvl4 almost exclusively the leshak for missions with lots of bs and drek for missions with lots of tiny ships.
Overall I’m quite pleased with the leshak it’s dps is good tank is good I make use of an mwd to overcome the rather short range and avoid Sansha missions as the tracking disruptors there will obliterate your range and interrupt your weapon from firing.
Now the drekavac I picked because it’s overall better than a vedmak and I have to say it’s not really worth it tank is good but overall dps I’d be happier with most HACs because it’s damage starts quite low and takes quite a few shots to rise to around 600-700dps.
As for damavik it’s a piece of junk only useful as eye candy kikimora is better but only as a support to kill large swarms of npc frigates so a larger ship can focus on the rest.

I tried Vedmak, Drek and Leshak. Out of the 3 I liked Vedmak and Drek, Leshak is not really my thing, its basically got the slowness of any other battleship, complete overkill but lacking range unless you go T1 ammo, that long range one that I forgot the name of which is horrendously expensive and when you do use it it lacks DPS.

So if you’re going to do a battleship, yea, you can do them in Leshak, but old fashioned cruise missiles or sniping Rattler is much better.

If you do them in the Vedmak, you have to play very actively. It is fun and engaging though. Its a fast ship. You have to constantly move and your transversals and angular velocity are your life.

Drekavac is pretty solid. Its a BC so you can have an MJD + Ab on it or MJD + MWD if you like, DPS is enough, tank is enough, its all around fairly good ship, there are many spots though where its not advisable to just sit and not move like in a battleship.

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