Run Level 4 Missions with frigates or destroyers?


I’m currently running Level 4 missions in Caldari space and have already completed them using Battleships, Marauders, and the Ishtar. I’m now looking for alternative ways to complete these missions, particularly interested in using frigates or destroyers like the Kikimora.

Are there any viable options for running Level 4 missions with these smaller ships? Any specific fits or tactics that you would recommend?

Thanks in advance for your advice!

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Are you a masochist? You can run almost any of them in a pimped BeamLaser Retribution, if you know which NPCs web you and snipe them first. However, they will take immense amounts of time. I doubt a Kikimora will work for some of them, a Draugur might do (boost yourself). T3 Destroyers also will do with a bit of bling and a good plan.

A Worm or Algos/Dragoon can do them theoretically by kiting very far away and let the drones work, but thats really lousy DPS, especially if you want to recall drones that are attacked to safe them.

But beware: anything else than a laserboat will eat ammo like popcorn, be ready to bring an Alt with a Hauler to follow you around.

Haha, definitely not! I’m well aware of the potential DPS issues. I’m just looking for a new and different challenge. You mentioned T3 Destroyers—I’m actually quite fond of my Hecate. Though, I imagine wrecking shots could be quite nasty. Any specific strategies or fits you would recommend for this approach?

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have you done burner missions?

Can use a bomber for allot of em

I think we have a few runners in USIA that use a tc3.

this ^

How is that a question, this is EVE Online after all, not the old EVE mind you, but still. :wink:


You can do all L4 missions in a well fiitted Gila, all skills at least at 4, 5 is much better.

Over a decade ago I use to run Level 3 security missions in Tech 1 Frigate, max skilled and bling of course. I was able to complete those missions within the bonus time. During that time a friend of mine was basically doing the same using a Tech 2 Frigate, max skilled and bling also, to complete Level 4 security missions within the bonus time.

So yeah, it’s doable and definitely different, may have to pick specific missions and be tactful with engagement. Course keeping speed, managing spawn triggers and taking out Ewar threats asap is primary goal. I found that right at first separating the rat pack helps a lot, lead the NPC Frigates and Destroyers out away from the larger hull ships, quickly take them out and then get in close under the guns of the big ships. It’ll take time to whittle the big ships down but it’s doable.

To start, I suggest running a few Level 3 missions first, then check Eve Survival Mission Reports for Level 4 missions with the least amount of Ewar happening. After getting use to piloting those, can then go full Kamikaze on the Ewar heavy missions.

Another thing, don’t forget to farm the big missions like Angel Extravaganza… Basically have 7 days to complete the mission. Check and complete the mission objectives for each stage except the very last stage / pocket, leave that mission objective uncompleted and the mission will reset after Downtime. Continue that for 5 days, on the 7th day you complete the entire mission and hopefully the agent offers you another big mission to farm.

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Kikimora is pretty good in lv4.

You can no longer blitz The Assault.