Triglavian/EDENCOM ship for mission run?


I know, more better ship for mission runner but… i love how Triglavian ship look and wanna try some of this ship in mission RUN L2/3 seciurity mission.

Can anyone share good fit and ship for this level mission?? I find kikimora but from 2019 year… maybe not superb ship for mission runner but…

Any sugestion, fit will help me :slight_smile: Was play lat time in 2014 sooo long time break from game.

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I would recommend you the Stormbringer - great for missions with a lot of Cruisers/Frigates. Its is however very expensive, so only if you have ISK to burn. Ship looks awsome, and altouhg the ammo is expensive it last a loooong time, so no need for many restoking runs… Plus it has great omni tank.


if you multibox, 2 stormis can run level 4 missions too. or 2 thunderchidls :slight_smile:


I once had a Leshak fitted for L4. That ship was quite capable, but also expensive and requires a lot of attention managing your cap.

I would assume that a Vedmak/Drekavac can absolutely easy run L2/L3.

don’t be daft… I had a Leshak that was perma stable . maybe you should work on your skills?

lol… use that thing in high sec hes going to lose it

Why? He is running it in safe high security space.


Yah, I run lv 4 missions and in my area it’s pretty empty with the agent’s system having about 10-15 people sometimes and other systems 0-3 with travelers lol. It’s completely situational and every mission hub is unique in it’s own ways with it’s own community and even gankers.

General rule of thumb further you are from Jita/Hubs/trade routes the safer you are. Don’t put your self on gankers radar (don’t die with billions) If you lay low do your missions 9/10 times you will be fine. Finally, always remember to set ganker corps/gankers to red standings, watch local. Depending on how paranoid you are Dscan every now and then.

The ganker threat is so overblown. :roll_eyes: HS is HUGE compared to the ganker community. Take it from an incursion runner who often puts his ISK at risk moving from incursion to incursion.

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Ganking does not even happen so it is a complete red herring threat.

Exactly my experience too :grinning: Plus if you do your ratting in parts of HS with less people you will find more anoms to run too.

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People like to suspect bait you and then kill you without you wanting to hit them due to the arcing mechanics

This looks like the pirate marco11 unlawfully attacked an innocent mission runner and got his just rewards…

LOL. There is alot of unclear information surrounding this incident. I do believe there is visual evidence.

I am sure it was a suspect bait. Arching Mechanics hit the suspect person.

Marco11 probably didn’t even pay attention that he was on grid. Comon he is flying a 1.3billion ISK ship and should honestly know how the arc can mess you up…

Very true, feel free to fit officer mods, totally safe.

Incursion runners run with officer grade abyssals/modules. It’s no big secret

this all day every day

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