Triglavian/EDENCOM ship for mission run?


I know, more better ship for mission runner but… i love how Triglavian ship look and wanna try some of this ship in mission RUN L2/3 seciurity mission.

Can anyone share good fit and ship for this level mission?? I find kikimora but from 2019 year… maybe not superb ship for mission runner but…

Any sugestion, fit will help me :slight_smile: Was play lat time in 2014 sooo long time break from game.

I would recommend you the Stormbringer - great for missions with a lot of Cruisers/Frigates. Its is however very expensive, so only if you have ISK to burn. Ship looks awsome, and altouhg the ammo is expensive it last a loooong time, so no need for many restoking runs… Plus it has great omni tank.

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if you multibox, 2 stormis can run level 4 missions too. or 2 thunderchidls :slight_smile: