Dear CCP Re: mission options

Can we get the option to go fight other empire instead of pirates in high sec??

Yes i know i wont get sec increases… that stuff belongs in low and null sec,
I also know i will eventually be shut off from other parts of empire.

imho… there should not be massive fleets of roaming npc pirates in high sec.

still id like the option to make all my mission rats to be apposing empire rats or maybe even other npcs, not including drones.

ty ccp. still a nice game… :slight_smile:


You must not be playing missions very long. There are plenty of missions that are against other empires, specifically the storyline missions.

The higher level missions target empire IIRC more than lower.


i been playing longer than you think young Padawan

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That’s why I said “missions” and not the game itself. Looking through Eve uni or evesurvival you’ll see plenty of missions against other empires. That’s why I’m -10 to two of em.

i only get two missions vs other empire… enemies about and some other single mission vs galante always in low sec.

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Did CCP already remove the faction warfare?. Where you will not just became an enemy of faction npc but also other players with their respective factions as well.

FW is still there, though the consensus is it still needs “fixed”. Don’t ask me what though lol.

Who are you pulling missions from (faction, not individual agent)? There is a sizable pool of vs Empire missions out there, but I’m wondering if you are running missions for a faction that doesn’t leverage those missions - as you will primarily get vs empire faction missions from either of their corresponding opponent empire.

its amarr… right on the edge of low sec.

only two missions I get are

“An Advantageous Catastrophe” which is always in low sec amd last but not least “Enemies Abound”

What level missions are you doing? Again, you don’t need to tell me where - my goal isn’t to have you expose your location to baiters or gankers, just to understand what you are doing to see if I can tell what missions you should have access to that will provide the desired vs Empire combat.

Edit: level 4s based on the mission you listed.

Your most likely vs Empire faction to get from Amarr agents would be Minmatar:
Halt the Invasion
The Assault
Intercept the Saboteurs
Massive Attack
Pirate Business
Police Invasion
The Score
Shades of Grey
Surprise Surprise (Min and Gal)
Warlord Strikes

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i only go 4’s

and the ones I listed are the only ones ever offered barring any offered once every 16 missions…

I have ran this agent for a long time… the agent NEVER offers anything that what i mentioned.

how ever the following missions are offered

The Assault = gurista
Intercept the Saboteurs = gurista
Massive Attack = think this is sansha…

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And the agent is from a corp that is affiliated with the Amarr faction, not just located in Amarr-owned space? That seems odd. The agent might be bugged - you can try submitting a bug report about it.

its defeniatly an amarr npc corp… and in amarr space

pretty sure those are all missions that will only show up running in nullsec for pirate factions.

the only faction missions in amarr space are enemies abound, the gallente one that can go to a neighboring constellation, and a few storylines. Same goes for caldari space.

if you want to farm tags in highsec you can grind faction standings and pull as many lv4s as possible and farm the tag missions. if you don’t kill the the mission completion trigger it will respawn at downtime.

otherwise head to null missions or do FW stuff.

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i have noticed over the last week since making a petition that I am getting enemies abound as often as 2 times a day…

in the past the only way i could get this mission series was with the standings boosters where i could turn down missions for often as i desired without any ill affects.

I got L1 storyline for L4 Security Missions last three times. Such is life. :sweat_smile:

“I got L1 storyline for L4 Security Missions last three times”, all storyline agents are lvl 1. If you actually got a lvl 1 storyline mission from doing lvl 4 missions its time for a support ticket.


the “L1” is just a place holder… the true level is based on the last 16 missions you done , 4x 16 missions = level 4 storyline… 16x lvl 3 well you get the idea

ok, ty. I will check it out.

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In addition to missions in highsec already offering chances to fight opposing factions, you can also do missions outside of highsec for pirate factions that dislike the same enemies as yours. For example if you are an Amarr pilot you could do Angel missions of which a large chunk offered are against Minmatar and Gallente.

One thing I noticed was that the missions against empire factions a lot of times are the most valuable from the tags they drop. So if you don’t care about standings then you can take advantage of these.