Amarr PVE fit for C1 - C4 WH

Greetings fellow space travelers,

I can fly anything amarr T1 up to BS, T2 Frigs as well. T2 weapons and tank (armor only) skills to 5. I’m trying to pick a t2 or t3 ship training path to a ship that will allow me to solo wormholes, progressing to C4. I do fly with others, usually in a well fit Harbi, but I don’t know enough about WH Mechanics to know what I don’t know, if that makes sense.

I’ll post my Harbi fit, just as an example.

Thank you for your time.


[Harbinger, *NCC-1701E]
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
Damage Control II
Upgraded Energized Armor Layering Membrane I
Medium Armor Repairer II
Reactive Armor Hardener
Heat Sink II

Fleeting Compact Stasis Webifier
Optical Compact Tracking Computer
Optical Compact Tracking Computer
10MN Y-S8 Compact Afterburner

Focused Medium Beam Laser II
Focused Medium Beam Laser II
Focused Medium Beam Laser II
Focused Medium Beam Laser II
Focused Medium Beam Laser II
Focused Medium Beam Laser II
Medium Ghoul Compact Energy Nosferatu

[Empty Rig slot]
Medium Capacitor Control Circuit I
Medium Capacitor Control Circuit I

Salvage Drone I x3
Hornet EC-300 x2
Acolyte II x6

Optimal Range Script x1
Tracking Speed Script x2
Aurora M x6
Radio M x7
Gleam M x6
Xray M x6
Standard M x6
Multifrequency M x6

The Harbinger is a good ship for this kind of work - I use one as a mission runner, among other things, and it serves me well.

I’ve not got a fit immediately to hand, but as a few thoughts:
Look at a Pulse Laser fit. The range bonus directly translates into damage because you can use a more powerful crystal. Focused Pulse is fine, they track better than heavies - useful against smaller stuff.
That then means that you don’t need two targeting computers since pulse lasers have much better tracking (conflagration has a tracking penalty - use Navy MF instead). The spare mid can then be used for a capacitor unit or a webifier.
Put a scan probe launcher in if you are planning on going into wormholes - unless you are using a separate ship to map things out first. Having a Wormhole collapse behind you is a sobering experience.

I like semiconductor memory rigs - more cap is also faster recharge. You’ve got 200 of rig space left. Use it for something - more damage or more capacitor.

How it’ll fair below C2 I don’t know, but I’ve fair trust in a well fitted Harbinger to handle a fair bit.
If you’ve got the ISK, the Navy Harbinger is a nice uplift.

Quick tip, the resist bonus on the ‘Refuge’ adaptive nano plating is better than the named energized adaptive nano membranes.

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I accidentally posted my NOS Harbi. I carry a launcher in the utility high with sisters probes.

As for the guns, I have run ALOT of 3s and trained med beam and pusle spex to 5. I tried both. If WH targets are drones, Id go pulse. With rats i like to oneshot them with aurora or Gleam. I have no idea what is in WH space combat sites until I get there, so Ill take your advice and use Pulse.

My problem is, I keep getting popped by cloaky hunters and the like in the harbi. The alignment is just too slow to get out sometimes. Especially when the hunter is taking advantage of the fact that Im aggroed aand taking npc damage. Not salt, just a fact.

Im training for T2 Cruisers now hoping that will help. Ill prolly grab a Navy Harb too and see what thats about.

It turns out that a BC can’t enter a c1 or c2. That sux.

I don’t recall it being a limit on the space, just that some entrance wormholes are a bit too tight for big ships.

If your experience using Beams is better than Pulses then I’ll defer to your knowledge - my practical experience with 'holes is in very stealthy explorer fits. I’m happier if no one knows in there or sees me in there.

Id look at replacing the armour laying with another module(cap or more armour resist) and replace on of the med cap rigs with an t2 trimark rig. Youll get a better hp boost.
As for damage control its good to have, but as you know it has a stack pen with reactive armour, so think about replacing it where another resist or maybe a tracking enhancer.
Just a few thoughts.

As long as your mass is below 20000000 you can enter a C1. C2s can be entered by Battleships.

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