Dual boxing two Nestors for C4 wormhole combat sites

I know that triple-boxing Nestors works for C5 sites (Drifter Response too, we are doing it when we have the opportunity), and I wonder if “just” two Nestors - me and a guy from the Corp - can clear the C4 combat sites (we have a static to a C4 wormhole), except maybe for “Unsecured Frontier Digital Nexus” and " Forgotten Frontier Conversion Module" which look a bit scary with those 25k Alpha Damage.
Omega accounts, with most skills/drone skills at IV and some at V.
The fit would be the most “common” one for C5 sites, except for the part regarding the Drifter killing.

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Can confirm, two nestors with 4 t2 large reps, 2 eanms and 1 t2 damage control can handle all combat sites. In Cataclysmic Variable systems also can do datas and relics, just don’t forget to bring spare eanms and armor plates for large dps/alpha waves.

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