Stratios C2 combat site fit

Looking for a stratios fit for C1/C2 combat sites. Mostly wondering about tank. Is 2 EANM’s and a Medium Armor rep enough? And how do you deal with neuting pressure?


It’s pretty accurate.

Depends on your skills and wormhole effects.

I prefer to use capless Myrmidom fit. More effective for C1/C2 and cheaper than Stratios, but if you want to go with stratios your fit will have to account for the “Neut” column (negative GJ/sec) in the link above.

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Thanks for the link.

Currently what I’m thinking is

Damage Control II
Medium Armor Repairer II
Drone Damage Amplifier II

Omnidirectional Tracking Link II
Drone Navigation Computer II
10MN Afterburner II/50MN Microwarp Drive II

Sisters Core Probe Launcher
Drone Link Augmentor II
Covert Ops Cloaking Device II
Medium Infectious Scoped Energy Neutralizer
Small Remote Armor Repairer II

Medium Anti-Explosive Pump II
Medium Auxiliary Nano Pump II
Medium Auxiliary Nano Pump I

Skills all 5 or 4.

You can’t neut sleepers so there is no need for the Medium Energy Neut. You may try a Nosferatu though. They use to work against sleepers but I read somewhere that it was not working anymore. Did not tested myself recently.

You don’t seem to have enough cap to withstand -30GJ/sec neut of “The Line” combat site. I’d add cap rechargers, batteries and maybe cap boosters in the mids.
And, of course, test your tank against “Forgotten Perimeter Gateway” relic site in a C2 (590dps in the last wave). Sleepers don’t scram in C1/C2 so you can test it safely-ish. And don’t kill the triggers until a wave is over.

Not a cloaky, just an alternative workhorse:

[Zealot, Nothing can touch me in a C2]
Heat Sink II
Armor EM Hardener II
Heat Sink II
Medium Armor Repairer II
Heat Sink II
Armor Thermal Hardener II
Tracking Enhancer II

10MN Afterburner II
Stasis Webifier II
Large Compact Pb-Acid Cap Battery

Heavy Pulse Laser II, Conflagration M
Heavy Pulse Laser II, Conflagration M
Heavy Pulse Laser II, Conflagration M
Heavy Pulse Laser II, Conflagration M
Heavy Pulse Laser II, Conflagration M

Medium Energy Collision Accelerator II
Medium Ancillary Current Router I

Scorch M x16
Conflagration M x8
Core Scanner Probe I x16
Core Probe Launcher II
Data Analyzer II
Relic Analyzer II
Salvager II
Mobile Depot

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Well isnt that gorgeous.

Why do you need a slow stratios in C1 / C2, if there is a fast jackdaw?:thinking:

Ready my guide. Now you know.

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No drones?