Recommended Fitting for Exploration Combat

A lot of times when I scan down sites in k-space or in w-space, I find a lot of combat sites, and a lot of the time I will come across an unsecured data site or a forgotten relic site. I know that they contain a lot of loot, and I would really like to start doing those sites to make better isk, but I’ve always been to scared to venture out to them for fear of getting destroyed. I’m just not sure what my ship needs to be able to complete them, so can anyone recommend a fit for these sites? (Preferably cheap because I haven’t been playing for long.)

As everythg in eve: it depends
here, it depends on the wh class
for c1 c2 you can do them with a t3d, a bc, a stratios . For c6 you need dreads, fleets etc
but be aware They are combat sites. And loot is different from normal relic/data sites.
if you are new, i would recommend you to only search for normal pirates relic/data sites in c1-2-3, with no sleeper npc
the bible for wormholes is

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For Know space, look at videos of that guy

I can also give you many tips if you contact me in game. But I have minimal to zero experience in wh.