What are the minimum specs to take on Unsecure/Forgotten sites?

I have been recently diving into wormhole space with an Astero an acquaintance sold me and I have been thorough enjoying The thrill of exploring and hacking sites. I have however, come across many forgotten relic and unsecured data sites which I had to leave behind.

What would be the minimum I would need to take them on in a exploring fit? Preferably a cloaky one.

I was looking at eventually training into either Covert Op frigates, getting a straitos or maybe trying to tech up into the Loki, but I’m not sure how much I need to take on these sites.

You should probably view these more as combat sites with a side of hacking, than the other way around. From what I hear the loot isn’t that great. That said, to get a rough idea of what you’re getting into, you could check out something like Rykki’s/Karrr’s Guide:


Or check out this youtube video that outlines a sort of different way of ninja hacking in c5s:


Ohh, thanks. I’ll have a look through those and see if it’s something I want to spec up into, or if I might be fine with just keeping to my astero and possibly frigates later on :3

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