C2-C3 Relic Site Ships/Fits?

Want to start churning ISK through relic sites, having just come back WH is mostly all new content for me.

I know Rattlesnakes seem to be the bread and butter for C3’s, but I don’t have caldari/gallente BS trained up and poor missile skills.


Any other options for C3 relics without too much skill pain?

I assume you mean the non faction relic sites that have rats in? I used to use a totally passive shield fit Myrm for C2s, but there was a lot you needed to carry in the hold to swap out fits in the site so you had to be stationary.

I haven’t heard about battleships being used a lot in wormholes. Especially solo.
Most solo wormhole PvE focused people fly Gilas or Battlecruiser fitted with strong passive shield tanks through C1 and C2 wormholes. They are relatively easy to get into and not too expensive to replace. After 3-4 successful sites they are often paid off.

For C3 however you probably want a battleship with a very good passive shield-tank because you will be neuted - and you won’t be albe to warp out like in C2 or C1 because there will be scrams in some sites:

Or maybe when I see you have Minmatar cruiser at 5, the Loki could be an alternative.

Good luck, I hope you don’t get blown up in the first site. :wink:

How many C2’s have you run? It’s unconventional, but you can clear C2’s in a Vagabond and it doesnt feel nearly as grindy as the done boat or missile setups. Speed through the site is all down to how well you pilot it.

That’s it for my experience. I’ll hand you over to /r/fittings for the C3 Loki Fit (see Loki: "All Anoms on a budget). - /r/fittings - My best fits so far for ratting solo in C3 wh sites.

I wont copypaste the fit so there’s no misunderstanding who’s credited with the fit.

For C3 any BS than can project to 70km (or run fast enough) and has sufficient tank will get the job done. Pick according to your skills, i did C3 in both geddon and raven, just orbiting the MTU.
In regards to neuts - they are not that scary in C3, having buffer/extra cap income will get you through. Kill webbers/scrammers asap though.

Mind sharing your Vaga fit for C2’s? I found a bunch of fits for C2’s in multiple searches but regardless of fit there’s always someone that says ‘It won’t work’ or ‘I tried it and it can only do easy C2 anoms’.

I just bought and fitted a passive shield Myrm for C2’s (3-4 extenders, invuln etc, power relays+ DDA’s) and figure I’ll skill into a rattle for C3’s which seems to be the best. Though I think I’ll really dislike the whole ‘sit there orbiting an MTU’.

Yeah, I shared a couple in low-sec recently when I dropped my guard https://zkillboard.com/kill/64826296/
You have to bling the deadspace rep and pulse it under heavy neuts rather than perma run, but you’ll take less damage due to your low sig radius and AB speed. Dont worry about letting your tank run for a bit, you’ve got at least 3 mins to kill off some of the neuts to regan cap stability.

To be honest. It’s hard to be isk positive with this fit, it’s like 460mill, where as a myrm is like 50mil after insurance ie. 2-3 sites. On the other hand, the vaga is the coolest ship in the game to fly and every moment spent in it is winning eve.

I’m running the current event sleeper sites with a cap stable Deimos. Throw a faction cap battery on any of the HAC’s that have bonuses towards tank and you get a great PVE ship that’s somewhere between a BC and T3C.

Edit: also, if you go down the myrm route, drop your Mobile Depot and orbit at 500 (as well as your tractor, but it doesn’t matter where that goes) that way, you can refit to warp core stabilizers(in your cargo) at a moments notice when you see a loki on D-Scan. It’s not honerable, but there’s little honour in loosing 50mill of loot and 30mins work. You wont get GF’s in a passive myrm.

I would have thought that the Vaga would not be that great for C2s, They spawn are pretty far apart and Autos don’t have great DPS at range so you would spend a lot of time burning.

It would work for sure (I used to use a Harby, T1 Fit with 1 Rep and 3 Guns (before MTUs and Depos.) but far from optimal.

That’s it for my experience. I’ll hand you over to /r/fittings for the C3 Loki Fit (see Loki: "All Anoms on a budget). - /r/fittings - My best fits so far for ratting solo in C3 wh sites.10

As for that Redit post, that guys seems to hate the Laser legion but I’m not sure why. It gets full application on cruisers and BSs, does not have the range issues of a HAM legion/Loki , instant application, instant ammo swaps ect. The only big issue is that without bling you cant do an outpost without killing the towers

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