Ship for Sleeper Relic Sites in c1-3

I would like to run sites such as the:

Forgotten Frontier Recursive Depot

What Ship would you reccomend and what Fit?


For C1, I use a Gila, work just fine !
C2 could be done using a Drake/Navy Issue/Nighthawk, but be careful since players start to scram.

In C3, I cant say for sure. Cap pressure and DPS seems quite high from that site, so a Nestor could be a good choice, you might need logistic support, or GTFO as soon as your armor is too low and you aren’t scrambled.

If you want to also hack those sites, your best bet is T3 cruiser. You can refit on the site to get bonuses. Cans will disappear if you warp out to reship.

Rattlesnake seems to do wonders in c3 sites for me.

I can easily do C1 and C2 in a duel repped harbinger, moved up to an webbed apoc for C3 sites.

heavy drone or sentries for rattle c3?

I’d say that’s up to your preferences. Sentries have the benefit of vastly superior range, great for sniping fit, and can quickly bail out if you stick close to them, if a sleeper want to take some shots at it. However, even Garde will have a lower DPS compared to Ogre.

However, if you want to use a brawling fit, playing on the advantages of shield fit (mostly superior speed compared to Armor) and torpedoes, for higher DPS if you combine this with torpedoes instead of cruise missiles, Ogres are the way to go. Be careful and pack a lot of them, since the lack of speed bonus will grant Sleeper drones a lot of time to shoot them down.

c1 - autocannon gnosis,single rep harbinger or gila/drake eventual vexor navy.

c2 - gila and drake navy battleship is overkill but you will do fine with raven,you can take a geddon but thats not good missile platform.

c3 rattlesnake,tengu wll do fine but if budget is not limiting you then would grab two machariels… two nestors will do a trick aswell

c4 you can solo with marauders but if you are smart you can do it with three rattlesnakes,best is to find pulsar wormholes so your passive fitted rattlesnakes gain additional advantage…

i have done few c4 sites with three 300km ravens with bifrost as catapult,just warp ur ravens 100km away from site,mjd them away another 100km then warp on your ravens bifrost,shoot the baddies if they start hurting ravens use bifrost to mjd away the ravens and continue shooting untill all sleepers are dead. not recommending this tactic because that fit ravens are fragile and if something goes wrong they will die…

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Speaking of sleeper relic sites, you have to consider the following:

If you already know the regular class 1 - 3 combat anomalies you can find in those wormholes, the relic sites are always one class up in difficulty, meaning a class 1 sleeper relic site is comparable to a class 2 combat anomaly and so on.

In case of a class 3 sleeper relic site, those will do up to 2000 dps and can be considered class 4 anomalies.

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