Ship for Sleeper Relic Sites in c1-3


(Zannah Eco) #1

I would like to run sites such as the:

Forgotten Frontier Recursive Depot

What Ship would you reccomend and what Fit?


(Sasha Viderzei) #2

For C1, I use a Gila, work just fine !
C2 could be done using a Drake/Navy Issue/Nighthawk, but be careful since players start to scram.

In C3, I cant say for sure. Cap pressure and DPS seems quite high from that site, so a Nestor could be a good choice, you might need logistic support, or GTFO as soon as your armor is too low and you aren’t scrambled.

(erg cz) #3

If you want to also hack those sites, your best bet is T3 cruiser. You can refit on the site to get bonuses. Cans will disappear if you warp out to reship.

(swag 700700) #4

Rattlesnake seems to do wonders in c3 sites for me.