Ships Suggestions for Solo C3

Anyone have some ship suggestions for Solo C3 anoms?
Looking for some different options. Currently using a passive rattle.


I heard people using the Legion effectively.

Personally I only have semi-successfully experience with a Confessor in selected C2 sites. It works, but is not very effective.
Also seen a fit of a capstable AB Zealot. But I think it was intendet for C2 not C3. Not 100% sure though.

Passive Snake is pretty good. I always used a cap stable active tank Snake that seemed to be a little cheaper for the same DPS and EHP/s. I haven’t used a Tengu in a C3 since the T3C rebalance, but it should still work as well.

I have tried sleipnir, dual vagabonds, tengu, legion, machariels, vargurs, fleet issue tempests… and thats about it so far for c3/c4 sites.

They all work, some better than others. My favorite would be the legion > tengu because lasers :smiley:

Vargurs are also super fast! but risky as they are not cheap. I never had to use bastion in c3 sites fyi. I do have maruarder lv 5 though.

I just trained up the zealots and legion and tbh they are my upcoming favorites for ratting, So I stepped up form the dual vargur setup to a triple paladin setup. but I feel the change in tactic will leave me more, at risk… that using the vargurs.

I mostly run c4 sites now. I think tech three and dual t2 is ideal… shiny mach used to clear the field easy too.

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