Dual Box recommendations for a c3


(Zomburs Derpington) #1

So i used to run c3s in remote rep domis but due to recent changes in sleeper aggro the drones on my primary ship are being attacked non stop.
What I’m considering trying is running a gun boat with perhaps an ishtar following assisting. I would prefer not to run 2 gun boats as it is alot to pay attention to and would probably take time away from Dscan. If anyones had similar attempts and has any recommendations I would be thrilled as I would love to get back to ratting.

(Drake ACer) #2

i run a solo ishtar in c3,s its been my experience with this drone agro its only the frigs, i run smaller cheaper drones to wipe those and then resend stuff bigger, i bet thats a pain with duel, but id recommend sticking with drone boats and swapping for frigs, just my 2 cents