Solo Vargur C3/C4 fit and tactics

Looking for a bit of advice running wormholes.


what do you mean by solo

If you are talking about running c3 alone, go with t3 cruiser or rattlesnake. Can be done at half the price, or lower, of a Vargur.
If you wanna use a vargur for c4, we are talking 2b+ isk to make it work, you need to be able to tank about 2500 dps, cap stable, and dish out about 1000 dps to break the reps on sleepers. If we are talking data and relic sites ofc, combat sites are abit lower.
I hope you have alts for scouting, because you will be killed very fast, doing sites alone in c4.


I’m torn. The only ethically sound advice I think anyone can really give here is “don’t do what you’re thinking about doing.”

Ganking solo rattlesnakes trying to rat C3s in the chain is classic content. One of the most reliable ways for a WH gang to score a dank kill. And tbh it doesn’t matter if the rattle pilot has scout alts, generally. Because the ratter usually doesn’t flee at the first sign of activity in the system.

So giving the OP the advice I think he’s looking for really runs counter to my own interests.

Do you want to make 500-600 mil an hour in c4 space? Do you have enough sites to run in your c4 statics? If you think this way, you may be an addict and obsessive to running sites lol… :stuck_out_tongue:

that said.

C4 sites, frontier barracks, and the sleeper sanctums… can be run in around 10 min flat each with 2 vargurs. Im sure you can do this with the others t2 BS … the GAL one should be able to beat my time of 8 min a site because they have better dps, but they lack range. and it would be terribly more difficult that it already is.

When I was in Neg Density, I tried my best to show some guys how to fly like a boss in c4 sites. I was mocked and ridiculed and even told not to do it… lol but sorry. I dont listen very well. I lost a few on the way of learning but I made so much isk i didnt care. And I dont care about loosing or failing… no. because that is only one way you proved it wont work. there are ways, for those willing to keep at it to discover it

frontier barracks:
warp to site at 0km
when you land double click about one to two inches above the npc sitting right above the enclave. mjd. lock both battleships, start shooting the one that is NOT the trigger.
now, deploy the mtu once you land above the enclave.
double click straight up vertically and mwd till you are about 35 km above the enclave. you should be around 40 km when you ships velocity is normal, you then need to double click down, to where the NEXT WAVE WILL APPEAR… be ready to mjd when the trigger enters hull, half hull… and you will mjd on top of the next wave.

here is where you bastion up… one or two cycles, killing the BS first!!! kill the BS trigger, leave the frigs and cruisers… recall drones and MJD to where the next wave will appear when the trigger enters hull, or half hull.

the next wave appears and you have premptively mjd’d in their direction. YOU SHOULD BE ABOUT 120Km from the last position to the last wave. when you MJD you will be around 20km from the BS sleepers… so dont bastion up here, MWD to them one or two cycles then bastion up… kill the BS first, then the frigs and cruisers last.

before you know it, three waves is gone and your drones be finishing the frigs or cruisers.

The same idea applies to the other site, the sleeper sanctum. but in that site, the layout is a little different, but the npc basically spawn in perfect distance for a mjd

IF you become familiar with the site and can preemptively discern where you need to MJD before you do!

Practice on sisi. If you need help, Message me in game, we can go on sisi together and I will show you exactly what I am doing and where to MJD.

I determine where to jump: by using the tactical overlay, and looking at that from the top viewing position! so, look down on top of your ship, and determine a said “north” if you will, or a reference. The frontier barracks has some structures in it, I use the shape of this to remind me what is north… because a little to the left and a little up from the center is where I want to double click and mjd to.

IDK if this makes sense but I can show you easy in about ten min.

Using two t2 battleships is key, I prefer the vargur because of cap, layout, and falloff… plus its shield so I can fit a cap stable fit with 1k dps at the gun each… and basically I only enter bastion when needed… usually when i get within 20km to as close as I can within reason.

Problems I have faced.

getting neuted out so i cant rep
separating my vargurs from poor mjd technique, forcing me to bastion up and slowly deal dps outside of my optimal
having the wrong fit… need a web or a grapler, cap staility… and two large nos… helps a lot!

Everyone in Neg Density was skiddish to my tactic, and the guys who flew the paladin just argue that because lasers are cool, and they are with scorch, you can sit on the button and ■■■■ all that jumping around stuff… safety with distance I suppose. but i dont like 30 min a site nor do i like sitting on the warpin. the golem has a huge tank but takes time like the paladin. I cant fly the gal one but will soon. Kronos should be able to beat my vargurs time im hoping 5 min a site…

but its not easy to get the mjd correct everytime. it just takes some practice and a good teacher. let me know if I can help. Id love to show someone enthused some of my secrets or tricks here…

people complain about c4 sites, I ■■■■■■■ love the 90-100 mil in 8-10 min … problem is. you need a bunch of sites to make it really worth rolling for a static and then rolling their statics and putting them both into VOC before you even run one site.

Because I dont run sites in a wh with connections that have been established, or are established… without my monitoring. cheers. safety first!

oh ps. this is the fit:

[Vargur, Vargur fit copy]

Capacitor Flux Coil II
Capacitor Flux Coil II
Republic Fleet Gyrostabilizer
Republic Fleet Gyrostabilizer
Republic Fleet Gyrostabilizer

Republic Fleet Large Cap Battery
Federation Navy Stasis Webifier
Pithum C-Type Adaptive Invulnerability Field
Gist X-Type X-Large Shield Booster
500MN Quad LiF Restrained Microwarpdrive
Large Micro Jump Drive

Bastion Module I
[Empty High slot]
Corpus C-Type Heavy Energy Nosferatu
Corpus C-Type Heavy Energy Nosferatu
800mm Repeating Cannon II, Hail L
800mm Repeating Cannon II, Hail L
800mm Repeating Cannon II, Hail L
800mm Repeating Cannon II, Hail L

Large Capacitor Control Circuit II
Large Capacitor Control Circuit II

Federation Navy Hammerhead x3
Federation Navy Hobgoblin x2

Republic Fleet Phased Plasma L x480

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Any chance you could share the system name of your favorite bear hole please?

just ask this guy how that worked out for him… lol

we dont occupy any WH systems bud. sorry…

No worries. Hope to see you in the chain sometime.

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good luck! :stuck_out_tongue:

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