C2-C3 Solo fit?

So, I am new to ratting in wormholes and I am struggling to find fit cappable of solo farming. Due to recent nerfs to resistances I don’t want to experiment. So, is enybody here who already tested something new on this?
Also, C2-C3 ratting general thread

Well, I could just post genereric Rattlesnake fit but if you really want info please tell what you can fly, what is your experience in j-space, are you ratting in your own system or in static or daytripping and so forth. As in everything else in eve, there is no best ship/fit, Rattlesnakes tend to dominate wormhole ratting but they tend to be pricey and not best in every situation

Well, Im capable of flying cruisers, got maxed missiles and drones. Also can fly Praxis. I would like to try Vexor or VNI

There are websites with good numbers on incoming DPS for C2-C3 sites.

There is an in game fitting window

There is Pyfa

It’s not that hard to play around until you find a fit that should work based on your skills. You can even test it over on Sisi if you want to be sure.

Thank you

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