ASTRA Defense for the solo-ish. C3 WH

In preparation for a planned defensive. One of our WH Astra’s will be under attack in a C3 WH.

If no Allies are on and its just me. Also noting that everything is situational in EVE. I am thinking my best option (rather than run and hide) is the below.

ALT in the Astra with WEBS, TP, SCRAM w/ Full Fighter Squads and Neuts for enemy Logi
MAIN in a Vagur (900 DPS w/ 5600+ Cold TANK)

I do have another ALT that I thought I could do a RR Rattlesnake setup with my main, but dual boxing 2 toons is a hand full. Possible to have him in a passive CS boosting the Vargur?

I am assuming the gang will bring T3 for DPS (Approx up to 5000 dps potential), w/o Falcon or CD support.

Your thoughts?

Evac your stuff if you expect them to form properly, assuming you can’t just pay someone to come help you out.

But where is the fun in that? I’d rather give them fight, if I lose, then evac.


if you give them a fight maybe they leave ya alone in the end too… id not use the vargur but use t1 battleships with the astra guy… personally. t3 vs bs though…

As someone who only lurks into Wormholes, but never lived in one: if the opponent only left a scanner behind, is it possible to catch him before he can make way for the DPS fleet?

About your idea: if they form T3Cs in a semi-proper way, the unbonused Fighters in the Astra will just be picked off one after the other. If the fleet comes close enough for the Fighters not having to travel too far before applying damage, it might work.

I would ask some merc guys for some help. I am aware a defense fleet can take 10 bil or more/less depending… not sure if thats really worth it… This is why I wont drop a structure with the current mechanics. simply because you gotta pay out ridiculous amounts of money OR have a corp/alliance of fleet guys behind you, or you just let it happen and loose ALL your ■■■■. If I had all must accounts on atm Id come find you and give you a hand but it will probably be too late man! I would ask Hole Control for some advice or a price to help you out… I believe they work professionally and are a rather interesting group. Wishing you the best of luck in your situation bud.

Mercs can frequently be hired for less than the loss - they like to fight if it’s a convenient TZ. You’ll have to be able to get them a warp-in to the hole. Let them know if you have the ability to roll your holes.

What is the motivation of the attacker? Are they looking for a new home? Loot from the kill? Ransom? Laughs? Revenge? Did they setup a POS to stage from?

T3’s are a possibility, but frequently cheaper ships are used such as BC’s. Logi is the key to surviving the astrahus defense so taking out their logi is a main priority. Make lots of BM’s around your citadel to give you warp ins. Fighters don’t usually help much, but practice on SISI just in case.

Prepare to evac as much as possible in case you lose your home. Consider what you will do if you get podded out of the WH if you fight. Decide if you will self-destruct assets.

Good luck and let us know how it plays out.

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