Small corp citadel defense in high-sec

Good day to you fellow Capsuleers,

My name is Abdul Alhazzred, I am the galactic record-holder of the longest amount of time passed without washing my hands. This is an ancient Amarr tradition that is supposed to make your hands stronger for firmer grip.

I am writing to you all to inquire about optimal strategies for a small corp to defend an Astrahus in high-sec. Currently we are thinking of equipping the Astrahus with ECM and Neut modules.

In terms of ships, we are considering fielding a few battleships. We are undecided between sniper boats or drone boats…for example, whether we should pick the Abaddon or go with an Armageddon fit with energy neuts. In either case, we are considering to forego a prop mod and fit heavy tank. The idea is to be a tanky defender that sits close to the citadel.

Any thoughts on these fits and strategy would be greatly appreciated. In particular, we are unsure of what type of battleship to go with. There will only be about 4 (+1 more on citadel guns…you only need 1 on citadel, right?) of us and so we will not have dedicated logi… thanks for the advice

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It all depends on your tactic and what you’re fighting.

This is essentially a classic example of station games.

I’d recommend staying on the undock for initiation of conflict. Bring a massive tank because from your last hostile action you cannot dock for 1 minute. An afterburner will give you a massive reduction to inbound damage if you use it to keep your speed high… but a web will essentially put a stop to that.

I would recommend that each of you fit a logistics ship and have it ready to undock to help your shooter or shooters survive that 1 minute timer.

Logistics boats need to be fast to get away from brawlers, but if you keep them on undock you can just dock them back up when they get hit.

It’s a good idea to jettison something and orbit it so you don’t accidentally get off the undock… without stopping. Stopping your ship will increase inbound damage substantially.

I recommend if you are flying battleships, take neuts and stagger them. Even small stuff will suffer in the face of that.


It really depends on who the enemy, how many they are and what you expect them to bring.

If you are completly uncertain what to expect and have no logis, i would start with a cheap long range setup.

I assume that ISK is a problem here, so i will keep it as cheap as possible, feel free to upgrade :wink:
I would recommend caracals (Rapid Light or Heavy’s) or something like that for the beginning. Play it save, sit on a tag of the citadel (you need many savespots to warp arround) and see what they bring.

Now you can decide to escalate (reship to bigger ships) if the situation allows it or just harasse them with the caracals. Use your home advantage that you can easily reship and don’t sit at the undock with your best setup in the beginning, the others will see it and bring a counter.

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Thanks all for your suggestions. Seems perhaps going with a small fleet of neuting Dominix and Armageddon with drones for damage might be best. Might throw in one ECM Scorpion to be additionally annoying. The battleships will be backed up with a similarly fit neut + ecm citadel. Instead of outright trying to kill the attackers, we are just going to try to annoy the hell out of them and make it difficult to attack us so that they run out of patience and give up.

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Amarr Victor.

  • Plan several different tactics, because the one you solely decide for will be the wrong one.
  • Ignore any pre-made plans until you actually know your enemy, his/their usual fittings and how many/what they field.
  • Write down the fact that when you feel like you have no chance, then it’s because you’re relying on a pre-determined plan instead of flexibility, adaptability and wit. Sticking to plans causes people to wrongly believe there’s no chance when the plans prove to be ineffective.
  • Consider if there is an actual point in offensive modules they could just counter-fit against after they got to know them, and what your actual priority should actually be.
  • Be as potentially unfair as you possibly can, because fairness, honour and delusions of grandeur get you killed and achieve nothing beyond stroking ones own ego, which inevitably turns people into bad, sore, butthurt losers.
  • Always use out-of-corp alts to your advantage.


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