Astrahus fit, weapons or neut/ecm?

I’m debating whether it would be more beneficial to fit weapons or just neuts/ecm on my Astrahus. I will be around for defense with multiple alts as well as my main character. So will have one pvp ship and probably some annoying ECM cruiser alts to harrass attackers with.

What do you think would be a more beneficial fit to save the astrahus in this instance. Damage/webs/etc, or just pure neut/ecm dickery?

i’m guessing this is highsec correct? then ECM/Neuts. The main point is to just annoy and frustrate the living hell out of your attackers while a counterfleet does the killing. Station bashing is terribly boring, making it that much more frustrating and unattractive is usually the best bet for highsec. However, your most important weapon is diplomacy.

does the ecm prevent them from targeting the citadel ?

Wormhole, not highsec.

It breaks their lock making them have to relock.

More importantly it resets Trig ramp.

I can’t comment on WH tactics, but I would think weapons load out would be best there. I’ll leave that suggestion to more experienced WHers.

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Standup ECM works differently from regular ECM? Normally you can always target the jamming entity.

That one I’m not sure of, though it’s more for making logi break locks.

Missiles, Neuts, ECM and Disruptor.

In wormholes, even the point defence battery (but I don’t have experience with that myself).

On the question of ECM, Standup works the same as normal. The jammed person can still target the citadel, but any assistance to that person can be stopped and any assistance they were providing to others can be stopped.

Best approach:

  • Jam people assisting your main target

  • Disrupt the target

  • Concentrate all DPS on the target - missiles and fighters

  • If logi is on field, use ecm and neut against the logi

  • If no logi then neut the target

So the application of the neut needs to be based on what you face, but the others are pretty stright forward.

If it is a remote rep based fleet, anything you can do to break their fleet up will help you kill the primary. In a wormhole that may be a challenge.

You want missiles + neuts in the high slots (you have room for both). If you are in low-class use the multi role missiles. You want ecm and disruptor or scram in the mids. If you are attacked and you shoot back with missiles they will have to use logi to stay on field. Use the neuts and ECM to disrupt their logi. ECM is also important to keep Leshaks from ramping up DPS on you.

You can not run the disruptor/scram continuously so having scram fighters may help you hold targets long enough to kill it with the missiles.

Use missile damage mods in the lows. Don’t spend any isk on rigs.

Mainly, make sure your astra never goes low-power so you don’t get targeted. Try to pick a reinforcement timer that suits your schedule, but not other groups (Don’t use the default Saturday timer). Before or after DT has better odds of being left alone. Also, don’t keep a lot of extra stuff in the astra in case it goes down. If you log off inside the astra in a ship when it is destroyed, that ship will reappear in space when you log back in later with whatever it was loaded with. Some people use a freighter to save as much as possible, but a cargo fit Orca is also a good choice as it’s easier to get out of the hole and can cloak.