What drones are "useful" in PVP?

For prolonged fights, are Neut drones any good, or are they just a pin-prick of punishment?

Neut drones are largely useless because they are too fragile, too slow and don’t neut that much. Damage drones or ECM drones are the best choice.


I didn’t even realize neut drones existed until now. :joy: :joy:


The only useful application for NeutDrones I know of is on a WH rolling Battleship. You gank any tacklers capacitor with a rack of neuts to zero and the small neut drones keep it so dry that you can just warp away / MJD out of a bubble. If you stagger the neuts the combination of cycling neuts + 5 neutdrones will basically reset the cap to 0 each tick. Works like a charm, a lot more reliable than EC-drones if your only goal is to escape a single tackler and cloak up.

Besides that, EC-drones are highly useful, especially vs. Triglavian ships because every single successful jam despools them. Light Drones, especially the Shield Variants (Hornets, Warriors) are incredibly good against your opponents drones, not only are they fast, they tank on shield and are fast so you can pull them back in quickly when brawling and instantly put them out again to keep massacring opposing drones. And they will keep recharging shields in between.

Sentries and Mediums (especially when bonused like the Gila’s) are incredibly powerful when assigned to a drone bunny (one guy with a painter who simply directs the whole swarm of drones from one target to another).


You also want a flight of faction warriors/acolytes to deal with the pesky inties as hornets are too slow for that.

do they despool NPC triglavians too?

Anything that stops the weapon from shooting resets the spool.

Losing lock from ECM or sensor damps works.
Weapon disruption that reduces weapon range to where it can no longer hit the target will also reset spool.

thanks, I havent used ECM since most recent changes, a successful application still breaks all of targets locks but they can now re-lock all jamming ships the most recent jamming ship, correct?

Correct. Unless its a drone, then they can lock the drone rather than the ship.

ECM is still incredibly powerful, its just useless in one on one fights.


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