Any suggestions for good utility or ewar drones for today? Just find out that stasis drones are bad and ecm pretty good. What about others?

Depends on what you’re up to. Different ones are optimal for different tasks. What are you trying to do with the ship using these drones?

Honestly, only the EC-300 ewar drones are useful. The rest are trash and I wouldn’t bother with them.

Just want to know which one are best in support role for a autocannon boat. In situation of pvp with gate campers, for example.
ECM will help escape, what about neutralizers and painters?

Neutralizing drones neut so little capacitor so slowly they’re not worth. They’re weaker than a small neut module.

Same with painters, webs, damps, etc. Not only are the effects themselves incredibly weak, they also suffer from stacking penalties that make them even weaker.

This is why ecm drones are the only ones that are worth using. Each jam chance is rolled independently of how many ecm drones there are and it doesn’t matter how many are used since stacking penalties do not apply to ecm. The target is either jammed or not.


Enemy can lock only drone after they hacked by drones or the owner?

The one you send the drones on can only lock the drone. Not the ship that deployed them - IF the drones land a jam.
But if there are more than one tackling you. ECM drones likely won’t help anymore.
Depending on skills light ECM drones go up to 4.000 m/s. So the average Interceptor pilot can outrun them if he flies well.

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