Why change EC drones?

So being very new to ECM someone explain this to me… I thought it was pretty self explanatory…

“Reduced jam duration on Hornet EC-300, Vespa EC-600, and Wasp EC-900 to 5 seconds (was 20 seconds” seems to be worse now.

Tested it out with my alt and of course if the drones didn’t counter jam on 1st engagement then they seem to not do a damn thing til a minute or so later they try again? they don’t seem reliable and light EC drones should be most effective against frigates, vespas for cruisers etc, is that how it is or does everyone just try and use the hornets for any hostile ship?

I expected the light drones to counter my ATRON alt with ease, not failed (then orbit around alt showing attacking but doesn’t seem like they are doing anything) then 1min+ later finally countered, I would expect that if I sent Hornets against a jamming cruiser or bigger.

Sensor strengths and modules…broken or useless?, does not matter how much I raise it even with the Spur implants added my alt still can jam me 1st time with ease, so what is the point? might as well remove “Larger values reduce the chance of being jammed by ECM…” from description and remove those modules from game entirely.

So is it a waste of time to even use sensor/signal boosters and Hornets? or just Hornets and pray they counter on first engagement?

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If you fit 2 sensor boosters + 2 eccm scripts onto any battleship i can guarantee that 9/10 times you won’t be jammed
Also, the bigger EW drone the better it is but not all ships can send out 5 wasps at once. You technically still have a better chance of jamming if you had 5 light drones versus 1 heavy drone. so for ships with 125 bandwidth it’s better to use 5 wasps otherwise use hornets.

hmm ok, makes sense but the EC wasps still would need omnis to track a jamming frigate or tracking doesn’t really matter for EC drones? …still new to ECM so sorry if that was a dumb question :slight_smile:

Ewar drones don’t care about tracking, just like how webs, jams, scrams and painters don’t care about tracking

Excellent thank you!

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